Total Basset Case: Mama Favorites {& a giveaway!}

Nov 17, 2016

Mama Favorites {& a giveaway!}

I haven't done a favorites round up lately and there are definitely some things I am really loving lately.
I am also planning a baby centered favorites post as well.  We have definitely found some winners in the baby department.

But first, in the mama department ;)

Now that I am home for a few weeks comfort is key and these pants have been on constant rotation.
Libby sent them to me in a little care package, along with this shirt, both are winners.
(they are so soft they put babies right to sleep!)

I generally am not a fan of sleeping in pants but these guys are a total exception.  They are SO soft and just light enough that they don't make me too hot and feel like I am not wearing anything at all. 
 I would add them to your Christmas list immediately.  I wouldn't be mad if Santa brought me another pair...I mean they are on sale and they are SO many cute options.  Just throwing it out there Santa ;) 

Another cozy item I am loving are these baseball tees from Walmart.  Mister spotted them one day and somehow now I own 3 different ones.  They are also super soft and comfy.  I sized up a medium for a roomier, lounge around fit.  So comfy I wore one the day we brought Little Mister home.

And what comes with lounging?  Snacking! Duh.
Being home all day is dangerous you guys.
First up I literally can NOT stop eating these treats, in fact I am making another batch as soon as I finish this post.   Mostly because I ate 95% of the first pan and Mister the other 5%.  They are perfect for grabbing on the go.  Or every time you open the fridge, whatever floats your boat.  I did use gluten free pretzels but I do not think that is crucial.

Another item I cannot stop eating are the Peppermint Pretzel Thins....enough said.

And one more that I think would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving treat table is Rigoni di Asiago's Nocciolata Dairy Free spread-think hazelnut goodness to put on just about anything your heart desires.  Yes please.  I haven't tried it yet but I think on top of my chocolate chip banana bread with your morning coffee Thanksgiving morning while watching the parade sounds delightful. 
If you would like a chance to win your own jar simply comment below with one of your fall favorites and Little Mister and I will randomly select a lucky winner next week!

To round out the (current) stay at home mom favorites list, we have to include tv shows. Duh.
Currently I'm catching up on Gilmore Girls before the new ones come out and The Good Wife.  Mister and I also started Good Girls Revolt.  Any other recommendations?  

PS Little Mister is 2 months old today!! Don't worry I'll have a full post dedicated to it ;)


Unknown said...

Thanks for all of the recommendations. More pics of Little Mister, please!

Ashley Robyn said...

I have been slowly trying to prepare for my baby girl's arrival in February so thank you for posting this. Walmart always has some random finds that end up being my favorite. Who knew?! I hope you are feeling great and enjoying these sweet moments.

Unknown said...

No wonder those pants are so cozy and soft - they are mostly modal. Modal is that dream fabric that feels like you are wearing nothing, and keeps you cool. Great stuff!

Domesticable said...

Yesss! Thise baseball tees are fantastic quality. I even wear them to work :)

Anne said...

Oh my gosh those cheeks. Those snack bars sound amazing - I think this could be a perfect little project for Hendrik + me :)

I have a tv show recap coming next week, but if you like period kinds of dramas check out The Crown on Netflix. I binge watched that one hard.

Annette said...

What a cutie! I'm not one to sleep in pants either, but lately I've been getting lots of deliveries - often before I get out of bed - so I like that I can quickly run to the door.

Kait said...

If I slept in pants I would wake up in a puddle of my own tears, but! I do like soft for lounging. ALso- give me all the peppermint pretzel thins!!!

Ashley Bree said...

For my fall favorites I love scented candles and fall activities.