Total Basset Case: Two Months

Nov 18, 2016

Two Months

Here we are, the slowest and fastest two months of our lives have just passed.
To think that Little Mister still isn't supposed to be here yet this is all just very crazy.

The bright side is that we are thrilled he's here and now can't imagine life without him.
Though it would probably include a little more sleep ;)

Little Mister is currently 7lbs 6oz and 18" tall! He is growing boy and we couldn't be happier!
He LOVES to eat and snooze, almost equally.
He does NOT like to be hungry and will tell you about it immediately.
 but as soon as you feed him that above turns into this
(month stickers from here
In the middle of the night we generally have to wake him up to eat and/or he will take a bottle in his sleep.  We can't complain about it too much, as long as he takes it we are happy.

He enjoys chilling in his bouncer and looking around after he eats. 
He needs to be swaddled to sleep but will wiggle his arms out of a swaddle 100% of the time.  Even a velcroed sleep sack.  Houdini I tell you.  Thankfully he will keep snoozing once he gets his arms out.

And he hates sneezing. He will let out a whimper cry every time he sneezes.  I know I shouldn't laugh but it's so funny. 

Yesterday was #worldpreemieday 
Never did I think such a day would be a part of our lives but I am glad it is because of what it taught us about ourselves during those 42 days in the NICU.  
Every day that Little Mister was in the NICU him and I took a selfie, I recently complied them all and love it. Though being in the NICU was not fun, these photos remind me of the daily snuggles, conversations and special times that we shared.  
As much as I loved those snuggles, snuggles at home are WAY better.


Ashley Robyn said...

Yay for a precious, growing boy!! It's amazing the roads life takes us on and the journey that we experience along the way. So happy he is growing big and strong. I am just so thrilled that y'all are home together as one big happy family. :)

Kait said...

Oh my gosh the NICU selfie a day! I love that!

Anne said...

Oh that is the sweetest collage. Hang in there with the being up in the middle of the night... a growing boy is a worthy cause :)

Unknown said...

I didn't think he ever cried....! 😊

Kayla MKOY said...

I love all the baby selfies! He is growing and going to be a strong boy, I'm sure :) so precious!