Total Basset Case: New Baby Favorites

Dec 1, 2016

New Baby Favorites

When we were registering, I took great care to really analyze the items we were registering for and consulting other mamas on what items were absolutely necessary.   Our home lacks storage space and I knew I wanted to be very conscious about what we were bringing in our house.  I wanted the new baby items to be efficient and useful and necessary.  It's no new news that for something so so small, they need a lot of things.  Some of those items they need are tiny and some that take up quite a bit of real estate.
You can catch my mama favorites here

Now that we've been home for a little over a month, we have a pretty good handle on what items (for now at least) work the best for us.
Here are the top 8 

1.  Boon grass drying rack + twig : We registered for this drying rack because honestly, I liked the way it looked and knew we needed something.  Turns out it is, hands down, our favorite item.  From washing and drying pump parts to bottle parts, this drying rack is amazing.  If you are having a baby in the near future, you are getting this from us whether you like it or not.  I love how it corrals all of the small items and dries them quickly without taking up a ton of precious counter space. 

2.  Glider : Our nursery is on the small side so we were very conscious about the furniture items we put in there.  This glider fit the bill because it is less narrow than other ones we looked at and comfortable to boot.  Currently Little Mister and I use it primarily between the hours of 3 and 4am, rocking and singing Christmas carols ;)

3.  Sleep sacks/swaddle : I mentioned the other day that Little Mister loves a good swaddle, and he sure does.  We've also been trying out the sleep sack and he is also a fan.  I think he really likes it because we can have his arms free but also have the security of the swaddle.  And he looks like a mermaid in in which is hysterical to me. 
4.  Boppy : The boppy is another item I did not expect to love as much as I do.  Once I started being able to nurse Little Mister in the NICU I picked up the boppy and took it in.  It was hard enough juggling his fragile body and the cords and the boppy helped to make sure his head was in the best position to nurse effectively.  Now we love it for propping him up for feeding and also when we're just lounging it is great for supporting him so we can see his sweet face.  We have this cover and love it!
5.  Bouncer : As he gets bigger, the bouncer is more and more useful.  Currently his favorite thing is to have it on vibrate and stare at the Christmas tree which just warms my heart. 

6.  Angelcare + Nest Cam: We spent a lot of time contemplating monitor(s) we wanted to use.  Once Little Mister was in the NICU I knew we wanted something that monitored his heart rate while in his crib.  The Angelcare has been such a blessing! We love it!  It has a board that goes under his bed and if he stops moving/breathing for more than 15 seconds an alarm sounds.  This has given us such peace of mind.  My only complaint would be that the light on the monitor in our room is kind of really bright as is his nightlight.  These aren't a huge deal but they seem a little bright for a baby's room to me.  
We also have a Nest cam as a video monitor which we also love.  It's perfect for taking a quick peek at him to make sure he's still snoozin when Mama needs to get some things done but doesn't want to go in his room and risk waking him up.  The app is really great because you can pull it up from anywhere.  Like when Mister does from work and talks to us (and scares the poo out of me!) through the monitor via the app on his phone. 

7.  Wubbanub : At first glance these pacis see a bit pricey but we have discovered they are worth their weight in gold.  Aside from being adorable, they stay in his mouth better because of the weight of the stuffed animal.  Plus he often holds on to it which is the cutest thing ever.
8.  KeyFit Caddy : We have the KeyFit carrier system with the jogging stroller but also wanted the KeyFit Caddy for quick trips and strolls around the neighborhood.  Because of the 60 degree days we've had lately, we've been able to get out for some strolls with Floyd.  While I'm dying to go for some runs with jogger (he has to be quite a bit bigger before we can) the Caddy is so easy to pop up and use.  I also think for running errands and around town, being able to throw it in the car will be much easier than the jogger. 

 And those are our current favorites, I'm sure these will change and adapt with the seasons.  Any others items I need to know about that you mamas can't live without?!


Kait said...

Oh these are great finds!

Courtney said...

Yayyy I'm so glad you mentioned the Boon Grass, because it's what I get every mom-to-be for every shower I go to! I don't have kids, but it looks so adorable (and useful) and I'm glad you confirmed my thoughts about it!