Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd : Big Brother Role

Dec 2, 2016

Fridays with Floyd : Big Brother Role

Lately the second most common question we've been getting (besides how's Little Mister?) is, 'how is Floyd doing?'
And I am happy to report, he's doing well!
It's not secret around here that Floyd has always been #1 top dog (human if you ask him) and we were not sure how he would react once we brought Little Mister home.
In short, he's been great!

Once Little Mister was home we brought home a blanket of his, his hat and when he started wearing clothes in the NICU I would bring his previous days outfit home each evening for Floyd to sniff.  I have no idea if this helped or not but I am thinking maybe it did.
When we came home with Little Mister, I made sure to come in and grab Floyd and we all walked in the house together.  Again, no idea if this helped but I sure think so.

And now that we've been home for a few weeks, he has really fallen into his role of big brother.
I do think he is exceptionally tired because he is not getting his 8+ consecutive hours of sleep during the day but he's adjusting.  And beginning to learn to catch snoozes when he can.
When he's not snoozing, he will follow me in the Little Mister's room and sit right behind me while I change his clothes and diapers.  Or sit at my feet while I feed Little Mister.  Or in my lap while I pump...I would file that one under jealously and taking advantage of a free lap.

There are definitely times when Little Mister cries and Floyd looks at us like 'can you puhhhlease make him stop doing that?'  But overall he tolerates all the new noises very well.  He's only gotten up and gone in another room a time or two.  I think those big ears are coming in handy for blocking out sound.

He walks really well with the stroller and seems to strut a little down the street...'hey guys, did you see? I have a new brother!'

When we come back from doctors appointments and I sit the car seat down, Floyd comes running from his crate and makes sure Little Mister is still in there...and usually gives him a quick lick across the face.  
(I swear I didn't stage this though my heart did burst into a million happy pieces)

Yesterday Little Mister was having a rough reflux-y day and was finally chilling in his bouncer and I walked into the kitchen to make bottles and Floyd hopped down from his nap spot on the back of the sofa and over to the ottoman to stare down and look over Little Mister.  I could be totally making up his intentions in my head but it really seemed like he was watching over him while I was a few steps away and concerned with how upset he had been all day.

And then there are also days when he looks at him like 'oh, I see you are still here...'

Overall he's handling his new role exceptionally!
I think he may even secretly be starting to love him...


Casey said...

I'm so proud of you Floyd, such a good big brother! Aunt Casey loves you!!

Domesticable said...

Oh my heart! I know for sure Toby will be the BEST big brother but Kate will be super JEALOUS. she barks when I hold other babies so we definitely have work to do before we have kids. And dont worry I would NEVER rehome either of them.


Kait said...

Floyd I am so proud of you! You're a great big brother! You deserve lots of extra treats ;)

JKemper said...

This is the most adorable thing ever!

Ashley said...

Oh I LOVEEEE these pictures!!!! Crew had that same little blue sleeper and it was my favorite!