Total Basset Case: Three Months

Dec 28, 2016

Three Months

The holidays got into the way of our monthly updates but never fear, here is Little Mister's three month update is here!

I know people always say babies and kids change every single day and it is so true.
Little Mister is developing his own little personality, quirks and opinions.

He likes: Monkey and Penguin (possibly more than he likes Mister and I), eating, snoozing, snuggling and laying on his belly.  He loves to go on walks (when its warm enough) and cruise in the car.  He is a huge fan of the Christmas tree lights, his papas voice, looking outside and is starting to follow toys around.

He does NOT like: Waiting for his milk, having his clothes and diaper changed when he's waiting for said milk, having a belly that doesn't always agree with him, reflux and generally the hours between 8 and 9 at night.
We went to the doctor a few days before his 3 month birthday and he was almost 10lbs.  I would not be surprised if he is 11 or possibly 12 now.  He LOVES milk. 

Most nights he is doing well going about 4 hours between bottles and during the day we keep him on a 3 hour schedule.  All of us cannot wait for that to be stretched out a little more during the night but since I have to get up and pump anyway it isn't too bad.  That being said, once we get the go ahead for him to go longer and/or he decides to sleep longer, no one in this house will be complaining ;)
I cannot handle the cuteness of these booties.  A sweet friend gave them to us and I want them in every size.

We love love love watching him grow each and every day.  We are SO proud of him and he is seriously the most precious, ever!!


Anne said...

Those booties are to die for!!

Unknown said...

I love seeing all things Little Mister! He is changing so quickly.

Anne said...

Oh my gosh those booties! Could not be more perfect. And I remember well how much Hendrik hated to wait for a bottle (or boob, ha!) at that age. Though he's still kind of cranky when it takes me a minute to get the PB&J ready, so not just a baby quirk...

Kait said...

I can't believe how big he is!! And I love those booties

Ashley Robyn said...

Oh my heavens. Look at that sweet baby boy! I can't believe he is already 3 months (going on 4). What a little blessing he has been to y'all. Makes my heart so happy for you.