Total Basset Case: 2016 List Accomplishments

Jan 3, 2017

2016 List Accomplishments

Ideally I would have gotten this together before the end of the year but I am going to use the baby card ;)
I love looking back at these types of posts every year and seeing what we actually did.
We are working on our 2017 goals list that we do every year so I will have that up soon but first let's look at what we crossed off this year.
Admittedly it wasn't as much as previous years but we did birth and are raising a chid so I think that counts for something, right?!
Looking back, ironically, 'have a baby' was not on our list BUT it was on our radar so there's that.
I like looking back at this list because it helps me focus on what this years goals should be and if anything worked really well that we should repeat.
I know it's the norm to start January 1 with new goals and resolutions but for me, anyway, with the craziness of the holidays by the time my birthday and new year's eve rolls around I haven't given a single thought to what I want the next year to look like.  We usually think and work on our list for a few days before nailing anything down.

With that, let's see what we did manage to accomplish in 2016!
Not too bad!!
I'm giving us a 13.25/19

Here are the highlights:

1.  I have definitely increased my water intake.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding/pumping have really helped that.  Mostly because I am legit thirsty 90% of the day.  Our investment in Kroger's version of La Croix has greatly increased.

2.  Mister did a good job going through his closet and we found out through our church they have a donation program that provides business attire clothing to men going to their first interviews so we are more than happy to take his things to them!

4.  We swapped out the light in what was Floyd's room so we get .5 for this.

5.  We had our fair share of cheap (fun!) date nights at home and this is one we will continue this year.  We often make a homemade pizza and watch one of the 19 shows we are engrossed in.

6.  I read 41 books and Mister read 6.  I'm giving us a .75 on this one.

8.  We did make it to Columbus! Right before Little Mister arrived.  I loved our day trip there and hoping we can go back when it's warmer.

12.  I ran until I was about 6 months pregnant and then picked it back up a little when Little Mister was still in the NICU.  I do know one goal for this year is to always enjoy running.  I often put too much pressure on myself when I run and I want to stop doing that.

14.  We bought salt 3 (!!) times this year and for us that was a major accomplishment.  Mister also worked on our water softener so I think that counts as well.

15.  Cable is still around but maybe once I'm done with leave we can be done with it.  In the meantime, I love my Real Housewives during the day.

16.  I am VERY happy to report I paid off the end of my loan. WHOOOOO!

17.  This has been a big, BIG year of trust and remembering we love one another because there were days that that was the only thing that got us through.  Now we have one more person to say I love you too a million times a day ;)

So that's our year, what did you accomplish in 2016?


Anne said...

This is seriously impressive given that you not only had a baby, but you also had a baby in your life many weeks earlier than planned! I bet you would have finished if he waited till his due date :) This might be one of those situations where you should retroactively add something to the list, because birthing a child and caring for him is a huge accomplishment too - along with a legit excuse for not crossing off other things, ha! Our goals for the year include potty training (ack) and replacing a bunch of windows (ugh...$$$$). I should add a day trip to it to get something fun - that was a good idea on yours!

Libby said...

I love this list - it makes me miss you all so much more! I think doing 10 of those things would be big accomplishments. So by that calculation, you all got a 113.25%!

Unknown said...

Years ago, I took a "Domestic Organization" class for three Saturday's in a row at a local university. My kiddos were 5 and one at the time, so just getting to do something for myself for three weeks in a row was divine. My very wise teacher stated that if you have anyone in your home under two, ALL BETS ARE OFF. Your time is NOT your own, and you need to give yourself a free pass. Some days you will be lucky just to keep the house standing. She was right, of course, and that little bit of advise has saved me much stress over the years. 😊