Total Basset Case: Life Lately

Feb 16, 2017

Life Lately

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTER!!!
We love you Papa and are so excited to celebrate you and the amazing papa and husband you are!!

Okay now on blogging!
Remember me? I remembered how to blog, shocking.
This whole working mama thing is a lot!  And generally after I pick up LM all I want to do is snuggle him and that's usually what I do.  You can see where this space takes a small back seat BUT I'm back and I'm going to do my best to keep up now that we are semi getting in rhythm around these parts.
And the easiest way to do that is with one big ol life lately post and photo collage.

Twins much?!
Past summer my mom and I were going through some of my baby clothes and we found an old Super Bowl shirt of mine.  I snagged it up and when we were invited to a Super Bowl party I knew just what LM had to wear! I then found the photo of me wearing the same shirt.  I've always thought LM looks a lot like Mister (and he does!!) but that side by side is also very convincing.
And a new family photo of us! We will work on everyone looking at the camera next time.

1.  LM's first day of daycare!  Only one of us cried...
2.  Just a couple of best buds hanging out
3.  He's getting knuckle dimples and I'm obsessed
4.  Just reading one of his Valentine's gifts
5.  Out for a stroll during the beautiful weekend weather
6.  I was filling up Floyd's food container and turned around and he just decided to help himself...
7.  Right before LM tried green beans for the first time!
8.  My newest, most favorite Valentine
9.  After work snuggle time, MY FAVORITE

And that's what's been going on here.  SNUGGLING, resting and getting in the swing of things.
I promise to do a better job of keeping up but it may take me a while!


Erin LFF said...

LOVE all these adorable pictures :) Knuckle dimples are seriously the cutest thing ever. Glad y'all are getting into a rhythm :)

Kait said...

I love seeing all the photos of LM all together in a collage! I'm so proud of you guys getting into a routine and glad to see you back here :)

Anne said...

Mom life is all a lot, isn't it? But fun to see you back here (and not just because it comes with adorable pictures).

The Lady Okie said...

I hope work is going okay for you! It's hard to leave them but the post-work snuggles are the best :)