Total Basset Case: Five Months

Feb 27, 2017

Five Months

Somehow we are at the 5 month!
Where has the time gone?
This month has consisted of LM starting at daycare (he goes to an in home with a few other kiddos) and mom full time back at work.
While I miss him TERRIBLY during the day I enjoy being back at work and having a reason to get dressed every day and use my brain.  That being said, I LOVED being home and if someone wants to pay me to do that I am on board.  
For LM this month has been all about facial expressions and personality development.  He has been smiling so much (and can turn that off and stick his lip out in a nano second!) and laughing (my LANTA that laugh is the best thing ever) and cooing and trying to talk to us.  Sometimes it seems as if he's attempting to repeat noises we make and it's adorable.  He loves when papa is silly with him and still loves to look outside.  He can sit on our laps and hold his head up pretty well and loves to stand on our laps and look around. He still loves to kick his legs for hours on end and look at himself in the mirror.
His dislikes remain constant. He does not like to wait for food and does not like to be hot.  Either of those are the end of the world.  Which I get, I get hangry myself and no one really likes to be hot.  
Our sitter said he was upset last week and she tried all the tricks and finally stripped him down to his diaper and he immediately stopped crying.  He just really hates to be hot.
He has no interest in rolling over yet but does love to wiggle allll over his bed at night.  
(my new favorite game is to take pictures of the positions we wakes up in)

We weighed him on our home scale and he was about 15lbs on the 17th...he likes his milk and I like his chunky thighs.
He's had green beans and carrots so far and seemed to like both!


Anne said...

Oh my gosh the growing leg pudge is just the cutest. And aren't baby laughs and coos the best? This is a fun age :)

Unknown said...

I can't get enough of his pics! ��

Unknown said...

AND just for the record, I do not like to wait for my food either. 😊

The Lady Okie said...

Oh he's getting so big and chunky! I love it :)