Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up : Oh Hello!

Mar 6, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up : Oh Hello!

Oh look a non centered baby post! I do remember how to write those!
I can't promise this isn't full of baby photos though...

I promise guys I'm trying (and want to!) blog more but our days and evenings are jam packed and snuggles are always calling my name.  I have a whole host of blog posts in my head but finding the time to write them has been tricky.  One I am excited about though is a post about pumping at work...more to come on that!

Friday :  LM's grandma had been at our house visiting and watched him for a few days last week with us.  I think they both really enjoyed it ;)
Friday we got wild and crazy and went to the grocery and then picked up pizza.

We also spent a good 5 minutes swooning over this shirt

Are you guys following Fiona the preemie hippo?! She's here at the Cincinnati Zoo and we are OBSESSED with her!  Clearly we have a soft spot for preemies in our house and add that on top of a baby hippo and I am done for.  Check out the videos on the Zoo's Facebook page, I could watch them for hours.

Saturday : Busy busy day!! 
LM and I did some light reading and watched the snow in the early morning.
I went and FINALLY got my hair cut and highlighted, shamefully I had not been since before LM came home.  Then we had a birthday party for LM's daycare girlfriend. It was his first party and homeboy couldn't hang.   I was bouncing him on my leg and he fell asleep sitting up!  Never mind all the noise going on, he wanted to nap and nap he did.
We really wanted to start Big Little Lies but going to bed at 10 sounded way more fun.
But dying to start it soon! 

Sunday :  We cleaned up the house (LM sleeps through the vacuum and its amazing).
Checked out a home and garden show and then took a stroll around the park with Floyd.
 I promise he smiles
I do my best to get ahead for the week and began prepping dinner and set out mine and LM's clothes for the week.  Every little bit of preparedness helps during those busy week nights.  


Anne said...

Babies in sunglassess... killing me with cuteness! Big Little Lies is great, but sleep is better! :) And yay for getting your hair done - I am feeling nice and fresh after getting to the salon last week too.

Erin LFF said...

So many cute pics!! :) I am loving Fiona and can't wait to see her in 'real life' at a zoo trip soon!! She is so darn cute.

Libby said...

Such cute picts! A friend started watching Big Little Lies last careful, she meant to watch 1 and next thing she knew it was 12:45am and she was 3 deep!

Courtney said...

I'm excited to start Big Little Lies, just because everyone is talking about it! And I think I will be getting Babiators for all of my pregnant friends from now on. They're just too adorable!