Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up : Besties and Babes

Mar 28, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up : Besties and Babes

First of all I committed a major wife fail and did not have a post up yesterday for Mister and I's anniversary.  We celebrated with 7 years of marriage, woohooo!  Each year gets better and better but having LM around makes this year even more fun.
We LOVE to do the traditional gifts each year.  This year was copper and wool, I'll do a recap soon of what we got each other!
Love you Mister ;)

I was slightly distracted because we traveled to Indianapolis over the weekend to see some of our best friends.  We had a miracle weekend where (almost) everyone was free and able to get together.
 It was very good for this mamas soul to hug some necks, have girl talk and drink some wine!
It was the first time all of our new babies were able to be together...our days sure have changed but for the better.
It was SO fun to see all the babes together!
It was a constant rotation of baby trading and I loved every second.  We even attempted a bath with the babes but that ended poorly after about 30 seconds when a chain reaction of tears began.
But we tried and have photos to prove it/embarrass them with ;)

I am so proud of our friend group and the MANY years of friendship we've shared and I love seeing everyone conquer each new stage of life and how we support one another.

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Kait said...

How fun is this?! I love that all the babies could get together and Maria always kills it with her glasses!