Total Basset Case: Marching for a Good Cause

Apr 6, 2017

Marching for a Good Cause

There are a couple of organizations out there that are near and dear to our families heart.  One of those is the Ohio Basset Rescue, we love them and do our best to donate to them as often as we can.

Another one that has recently become very important to us is March of Dimes.  
I will admit, I have always heard of March of Dimes and had a pretty good understanding of their mission but until we had a premature baby, I never fully knew how important the organization is.  

In the United States, premature birth affects 380,000 babies!  Before having one of our own, we had NO idea the number was so high.  March of Dimes is in place to help fellow families like ours combat premature birth and offer support, research and resources during such a time.  And no matter when a baby is born, early or right on their due date, March of Dimes offers help and support to millions of families every year. 
We are fortunate that one of the annual March of Dimes walks is right here in Cincinnati at the end of April.  Once I heard about this, I jumped at the chance to sign our family up!
We will never be able to fully thank all of the doctors, nurses and staff that helped us with LM's birth and NICU stay but I hope that doing things like this walk and raising money for support and research can help those folks do their job EVEN better (if that's possible!).  
NO PRESSURE in the least bit, but if you want to donate to our Total Basset Case team you can do that here and if you're in Cincinnati and want to join our team on the walk let me know and I wills sign you up! 

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