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Jul 5, 2017

Currently : July

I feel like we are in that season of life where we have a lot going on and nothing all at the same time.
Evenings fill up quickly and days I am lucky enough to have off to spend with LM go by SO quickly.  I took this past Monday off to extend our weekend and by the time we ran errands, came home for lunch/naps and a work out for mama it was already time to head to a cookout.  I sure don't know where the time goes but here's what I've been up to currently....

Documenting: I am doing my very best and hardest to keep LM's baby book up to date.  We have this one an LOVE it.  Its so cute and a little funky and I love how it's laid out.  I also documented LM's entire birth story/NICU stay and a few other things but I've been thinking I need to go back and add little stories along with the other milestones I've jotted down.

Accomplishing: I am happy to say that I am well into week 2 of the Beta round of T25.  It kicks my butt literally every day.  I am talking DRIPPING in sweat but I really, really like it.  I love that it's only 25 minutes and it goes by so quickly.  

Enjoying: This is probably a cop out but I am always really enjoying LM.  His little personality shines through more and more and it is so precious.  He is silly like his papa and his belly laughs are just the best.  I am also enjoying experiencing summer and all the new things that brings with him.  He loves to be outside and splash in the pool.
And on a personal note I am enjoying some new beauty products I had the pleasure of trying out.  Kate reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try EVER Skin's Revive Eye Cream, Daylight Corrector & Concealer.  Yes please!  As a new mom I can use all the help I can get when it comes to making me look more awake and alert!  I have to say I was very impressed with how it all worked and definitely made a difference in my make up throughout the work day.  If you want to learn more check out Kate here and here and I know she would be more than happy to help!  

Reading:  I am currently reading 'The Singles Game' and enjoying it! It's a light, summer read.  I desperately need a book for the car but my library seems to be out of EVERYTHING lately.  I need some new suggestions.  I saw Mix and Match Mama just put up her new list, I need to go jot down some notes.  Her readers always have the best suggestions.

Spending: Truthfully not too much lately in the money department but you know we always need to hit up Target for diapers and food! LM says 'not Target again Mom!'
Kait is doing 'no spend July' and it's inspired me to be a little more conscious of our spending habits.  But the Nordstrom sale is on my radar....

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Jessica | Balancing in Between said...

I'm also working on being more conscious of spending! I'm a teacher, so in the last few weeks I've found myself making more and more aimless trips to Target. No food or diapers for me, so I always end up walking out with a basket full of makeup or clothes!

Anne said...

So great that you're keeping up a baby book - you'll thank yourself later :) And I'm very curious about this T25 now...

Shea Lennon said...

I'm also impressed with your baby book keeping-up--I did a terrible job doing my son's and I never even bought one for my daughter #momfail. I've also had to wait forever for all the library books, but I'm to cheap to buy books :)

Libby said...

Love this and so jealous that you're doing a baby book. I so wish we had been better there! Great job!

Kait said...


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