Total Basset Case: 10 Months!

Jul 24, 2017

10 Months!

Double digit months old, what?!
Day by day life is getting more and more fun.  Mister and I love watching LM grown and learn every day.  It's as if something little clicks inside his cute little body every single day and he figures something else out.
He has the cutest little coy smile that he knows EXACTLY when to turn on and it is his papa 100% and I love it.  
This past month brought even more changes and development.
He is starting to say 'mama' and a little and repeating more and more sounds that we make.
If I was guessing I would say LM is about 19lbs and I swear he's grown an inch lately, he just looks SO long.  We are still in mostly 6 month clothes and slowly moving up to the next size diapers.

LM has become the best little eater! He has purees usually twice a day and also eating anything and everything we put in front of him! Recently he really loves cheese and pineapple and hamburger (just like his mama!).  He has 2 little toothers in and working on a few others.
LM is a ROLLING machine.  We have had to move diaper changes to the floor because the moment we put him on the changing table he flips over and is a wild man.  He also recently mastered going from his belly to sitting up.  We showed him one day how to do it and then all of a sudden he had it mastered.  He has started trying to pull up and loves to bounce on his toes and also bounce while on his booty.  

LM took another lake vacation and did AWESOME!  We were really proud of how well he did.  Us as parents didn't do quite so well...we arrived, unpacked the car and quickly realized neither of us had grabbed his luggage.  OOPS.  Thankfully we were close to a small town and I was able to grab everything we needed.  

He has recently discovered how FUN bath time is and it's the most adorable thing.  He loves to kick and move his feet, pat the water and play with his duckies.  He also thinks the drain emptying is incredibly interesting, ha!
We're just having so much fun with him and love our little family adventures. 

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