Total Basset Case: 11 Months

Aug 24, 2017

11 Months

If someone could tell me where the last almost year of my life has gone that would be great.
How is our sweet, smiley boy 11 months old?!  
I have no idea where the time went but I do know it's been fun and seeing our little nugget grow up and learn is just the best.

I think he is around 20lbs right now and he is wearing 6-9month clothing.
At about 10.5 months LM decided to was time to crawl and he took off and hasn't stopped since.  He is always on the move.  He plays very hard and crashes harder.
 He's now well on his way to figuring out how to pull up.  His mattress has officially been lowered the lowest setting after finding him pulling up in his bed a few times.
He was become a HUGE blanket lover (not in bed of course) but just about everywhere else if he's sleepy he grabs his blankie and shoves his thumb in his mouth (with supervision).  He kneads his blanket in his little fingers as he falls asleep and it is just the cutest.
We adjusted his routine lately and transitioned to one bigger bottle at night and an earlier bed far so good!
He has 6 (!) teeth!!  He got 4 on the top just about all at the same time.  And boy are they sharp!

He has been eating anything and everything we hand to him.  He finally got the grasp of being able to pick food up and he tends to shovel it in his mouth as fast as he can.  He seems to love fruit and yogurt melts and will eat just about any puree we give him.  He also loves cheese, smart boy :)

Earlier this month we traveled to Charlotte to see our friends and it was his longest road trip to date.  I am very happy to report that he did GREAT.  We moved him to his big boy car seat and he seemed to be very comfy and did well the whole way there and back.  He was also so happy there were 2 doggies to follow around.

While in Charlotte he discovered his newest skill...screeching.
It's a new level of sound and I'm pretty sure he's just figuring out his voice but my goodness we got some looks while out to dinner.
He is really picking up on imitating sounds and starting to babble more and more.
He gets sillier and sillier all the time and makes us laugh every day.  He is still pretty stingy with his laughs but we can usually get a couple out of him most days.  What makes him laugh one day does not always work the next. 
He does think fake coughs are SO funny (no idea why) so those are always a winner.

We've been to the pool quite a bit and he loves it and splashes all around in the tub.

We have entered the stage of starting to whine and trying to climb if he wants to be picked up and you happen to not be paying attention.  He still hates waiting for his bottle and food.  Once he's hungry, he is hungry! 

Overall he is very happy camper and every day is a new adventure.  We are loving this stage of life with him!


Anne said...

Everyday a new adventure - that is the best! Though I have to say... try where did the last 3.5 years go?! They change so fast, but it is fun.

Libby said...

So sweet and I love hearing how well he's doing!!!