Total Basset Case: Brushing Off The Dust

Jan 8, 2018

Brushing Off The Dust

Tap, tap, is this thing on?
Do I remember how to do this blogging thing?

If anyone has noticed I've taken a bit of break from this space but I won't lie that it has been calling my name.  I've had quite a few people ask if I was planning on blogging again.
The short answer is yes.
The long answer is I can't promise how consistent all be and I can't promise every post won't have a pictures of LM.  But I can promise I do really enjoying blogging and I have some posts lined up in my head.  I love this space and I love connecting with all of you friends and having a record of our lives and even the every day things we're doing to look back on.

I am going to use the total mom excuse that life just got very busy.  And it goes without saying we have a very busy 15 month old on hands.  From the moment we get home from the sitter and work it is go go go until LM crashes.  We do our absolute best to maximize our time with him in the evenings.  Maximizing that time did not include blogging sadly but now that he goes to bed earlier, I am hoping I can get back in the groove with this space.

So last I left you off with was LM's birthday party.  And if I didn't say it enough, I had SO much fun planning that party and celebrating our little man.
We rounded out the month of October with Halloween where LM went as Charlie Brown.  However in true Ohio fashion it was far too cold for anyone to see his costume. 
We also took a trip to the pumpkin patch, LM wore jeans for the first time and he finally found out what it means to be a Bengals fan.
November was a crazy work month for me but we still managed to squeeze in some fun. 
We traveled to Tennessee and Indiana for Thanksgiving.  
And Mama snuck away to Indianapolis for a night with the girls.
Complete with a Taylor Swift themed dinner!  Can we talk about how great the new album is?!
Just like everyone else, our December was also bananas.
Work again crazy, holidays crazy, you know the drill.
Nonetheless we had fun and I think every month is more and more fun with LM, I feel like he really, really started to blossom in December.  His adorable, silly, funny personality is really shining through and he is just so fun.  In December he decided his favorite words are 'hi', 'cheese' and 'shoes'.  Which all fit our personality quite well.  We want him to be friendly, cheese is our favorite food group and we love shoes.  Makes sense. 
While our Christmas Day sadly involved a trip to urgent care we still had such a fun day with LM and our family.  Thankfully LM was fine, just a virus from getting vaccines.
We spent the rest of the day loving and him and playing with all sorts of new goodies for all of us.
December also marked my mom moving in with us for a little bit while she transitions to Ohio.  LM is loving having his Nanny around all the time! 
 The end of December sent us to Scottsdale to meet up with Kait and Dane and Casey and Eric.  As most of you know, we all met through blogging and have continued to be the best of friends.  We do our best to see each other as often as possible and the Scottsdale trip had been the works for quite a while, the fact that we were celebrating my birthday made it even more fun.  
For a full recap, check out Kait's post here
We had an absolute blast in Scottsdale, the best food, margaritas and overall fun.  I have not laughed that hard in a very long time and it was amazing.  The perfect weather didn't hurt either! 
And I think that pretty much catches us up to present day!
If there is anything you want to know, need up an update on or would like to see just let me know while I work on getting back in the blogging saddle!
Happy New Year everyone!


Lauren said...

A TAYLOR SWIFT THEMED DINNER? I need this in my life...

Anne said...

Yay, you're back! And yes to more little man pictures - he could not be cuter. Seriously. Also, I LOVED seeing pictures of multiple bloggy friends popping up on Instagram...looked like such a fabulous trip.

Kait said...

I loved seeing this new post pop up on my blog feed! EEK! Had the best time with you guys in Scottsdale and absolutely cannot wait to be closer to see more of one another :)

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