Total Basset Case: 16 Months

Jan 22, 2018

16 Months

I realize this is an odd month to do an update on but hey, the last one was 4 months ago so here we go.

I mentioned a little bit about LM in my last post but thought I would dive into the details a little more on this post.  Plus this Mama loves having these posts to look back on.
At his 15 month check up LM was 22lbs and 31" long.  I would say he's about the same weight now.  But he has definitely gotten taller lately...sometimes I'm pretty certain he grows while napping.
He LOVES to eat.  Knock on wood, we haven't found much of anything he won't eat.
He doesn't like lunch meat ham but that is about it.
He loves pb&j, chicken, bananas (dried and fresh), dried mango, yogurt, pudding, grilled cheese, string cheese and basically any form of CHEESE. (Just like his mama)
He loves his milk!  We are working on transitioning to all sippy cups for milk.  Judge away but this boy may get a bottle before bed until college.
He does really like this straw cup and anything with handles.  
He is a walking fool.  And with that comes with a lot of tumbles but he generally gets right back up and keeps going.  He LOVES his blankie and has mastered walking with it, even wrapped around his legs.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  
His feet are still kind of tiny so we've had a tricky time finding hard sole shoes for him (and that aren't CRAZY expensive) but they seem to be growing so hopefully that won't be a huge issue soon.
He can climb up stairs and is starting to figure out how to climb on the sofa.  He was on the sofa the other day and just up and started walking across I'd say we have a little daredevil on our hands.  He does not seem to have any fear.
LM is saying 10+ words at the moment. His little low voice is so funny.  There are a lot of 'hi's' in our house.
He is also picking up some sign language.  He can do 'all done', 'more' and 'milk'.  We are starting to work on 'eat' and 'water' next.
He is still pretty stingy with his smiles and giggles but we've noticed him laughing and giggling more often.  He does have the stink down pat though ;)
 He has definitely started finding his sillies lately.  He knows how to at least make us laugh, and he does that every day.  


Jen said...

I just can’t get over how cute he is in that bow tie and sweater!! I love hearing your updates since my little guy will be in the same place next year :)

Anne said...

Gah he is too cute. Baby sign language is one of my favorite things - I wish we had done more with Hendrik, but he was SO verbal it was hardly necessary. And absolutely no judgement on bedtime took us a long time to get to sippy cups. Plus it's hard to give up on that sweet night time routine as a parent, isn't it?

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

Awwwww such a cutie!!!