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Jan 26, 2018

Current Beauty Favorites

I seem to be on a beauty buying bender the last few months and it's only right I share my favorites with you.
I love reading and watching beauty product/skin care/makeup recommendations from other bloggers and youtubers.  If you have any favorites I need to be using, send them my way!

I have always been a huge fan of Moroccan Oil products.  I LOVE the way the smell. So much.
For Christmas my mom gave me this great heat protecting spray.  It smells yummy and protects my hair when I actually dry it, win.
She also gave me their split end treatment.  While I love going to get my hair cut, I never do it on a regular basis and split ends inevitably happen. This seems to be helping.
Come to think of it, Mama gave me my holy grail mousse too.  We share a love of hair products.  I am always in search of more volume and Kenra Volume Mousse is magic. I usually cannot get volume to last more than a day but with this mousse I can get at least 2 days worth. 

As far as face products, I have continued to use Philosophy's oldy but a goody Purity face wash but recently picked up one of their masks as well.  Their Pore Extractor Exfoliating Clay Mask is excellent.  I try to use it at least once a week and can immediately tell a difference.  I feel like it brings out the impurities in my face but also clears them up very quickly. 
I have never really used any of Korres products but I've been using their Pomegranate Balancing moisturizer and it is lovely! It is super lightweight and a little goes a very long way.  I literally lightly dab my finger in the the jar and that amount will cover my whole face. 
Before I lightly swipe on my moisturizer I use BareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Serum.  This guy has all sorts of good stuff in it and I can tell a difference that it is working.  It is for sure making my face smoother and also decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.  Again, a little goes a very long way.

In the makeup department, I finally purchased a Naked eye shadow basics palette.  Granted it is the small travel size but I can see what the hype is all about.  The colors are very nicely pigmented, stay on all day and go on like a breeze.  
On the drugstore side of things, Wet n Wild has really been winning me over.  Not only are they cruelty free but they are so affordable! At the moment I have at least 4 favorites from them.
Their foundation is currently my go to, it is a great medium coverage and lasts all day.  
I am also a very large fan of their Megalast Liquid Catsuit lipstick.  It is the first matte I've tried out and really like it.  
And they cannot be beat for face and eye shadow primers.  I've been using both for the past few years and they are both under $5.  Enough said.

Kait and Casey turned me on to Vital Proteins Collagen.  I wasn't sure I needed it at first but after a few weeks of putting it in my coffee each morning I can tell a big difference in the thickness of my hair and how fast my nails are growing.  I've already turned 2 other friends onto its magic.  

And those are some of my favorites in my beauty regime.  Are any of these on your list?  Do you have any that I need to try out??


Kait said...

Yessss! Those vital proteins are so good!! I also used to use a Korres face wash but then they changed the formula and stopped selling it but WHOA - it was so good 😍

Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan said...
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Unknown said...

These are the best and must-try products of 2018. These will be on my beauty bucket list for this year.


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