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Feb 7, 2018

Currently : February

I am so excited to catch Anne's 'Currently' post this month.  I really love having these posts to look back on and I really enjoy finding new to me bloggers through the link up. 

Currently in the month of love I am:

Finishing: Earlier this week I started listening to Jen Hatmaker's 'Of Mess and Moxie' and I am LOVING it.  I loved 'For the Love' and am flying through this one just as quickly.  It's one of those books I want to hear everything she has to say but I also don't want it to end.  In any case, I may be finished with it very soon.

Subscribing: I have my favorite beauty YouTubers I am subscribed to but I am always on the hunt for new ones to watch.  And I was contemplating subscribing to the FabFitFun box.  I've watched a few unboxings and they always seem to be full of awesome products.  It is pricier than most but the lure of full size products is quite nice.

Wishlisting:  All things Spring! I am so ready for warm weather and some new Spring pieces.  Loft always has such great pieces that can be dressed up or down.  This navy dress is calling my name.  
I cannot fathom wearing shorts right now in these frigid temps but these scalloped chambray ones are too adorable and I do believe I will need them.
I am also on the hunt for all the cute bathing suits.  I always seem to be late to this game so I am trying to get ahead of it this year.  I already picked up this suit that Kait discovered.  It is a winner! And $20, you really can't beat that.  

 Watching: This one is always a never ending list...We just started A Handmaids Tale and are enjoying it.  If I have the tv all to myself it's all the Real Housewives and anything Bravo wants to rot my brain with.  And I think next up on our binge list is Broadchurch.  
When we traveled to Arizona I downloaded The Great British Baking Show for the plane and quickly became full on obsessed.   It is fascinating!  I flew through the first season and am on to the second now.  I treat myself to a partial episode before bed each night (otherwise I would stay up all night watching).  

Hearting:  Well my boys of course ;), having my mom live in the same town as us now, our church and friends we've made there, planning our monthly date nights (more on this soon) and watching LM grow and learn and experience every day. 

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Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

Yes to all things spring! So rrady! Your boys arw soooo cute!

Laura said...

Ha! I was reading what you were saying about bathing suits as I stuck a chocolate poptart in my mouth! Oh, the pain! Have a great day anyway!

Anne said...

I've been really tempted to try that FabFitFun box too - I'm a sucker for all of those types of products they include, and there are so many podcast/blog ads for discounts that it seems like the first order would be a pretty darn good deal!

Yes to Broadchurch! And yay for mom nearby and date nights. And especially for adorable little guys in fuzzy jackets :)

Ashley Ziegler said...

Do you watch Ally Gines on YouTube or Casey Holmes? They're great beauty vloggers!

Lauren said...

FabFitFun does seem like a really awesome box, though definitely a bit pricey. There are so many subscription box ideas out there!!


Jen said...

I have gotten some Fab Fit Fun boxes and love that you get full size products. I’ve discovered some great products that I’m still using. I would definitely recommend!!

stephanie a. orefice said...

i'm SO INTERESTED in the fabfitfun box because don't ALL THE CELEBS rave about it?! haha. i saw there was a 40% off code recently and was SO TEMPTED but we're trying to save money. but it does look SO GOOD!

Kristin said...

I adore The Great British Baking Show! I'm always eager for the new episodes.

Kristin's Peppermints and Cherries said...

I enjoy watching beauty tips on YouTube as well. I just made my first YouTube video last week and am trying to figure all that out! :) Visiting from the Currently link up!