Total Basset Case: Winter Book Review

Feb 8, 2018

Winter Book Review

I've managed to plow through some books lately and wanted to share a couple good ones with you.
As I mentioned yesterday, I am in the midst of listening to 'Of Mess and Moxie'.
I am currently reading 'The Rules Do Not Apply', I am not far enough in to give an update but the reviews are good! 

Seven Days of Us was a quick, easy read that I enjoyed quite well.  It follows one family as they are quarantined in their house for seven days to make sure their daughter has not brought home a dangerous disease from her time doing mission work.  The whole book reminded me of an updated version of Love Actually meets The Family Stone.  

I would give 'Before We Were Yours' a solid 3.75/5.  I did really enjoy this book and thought it was very interesting but there is an element of sadness to it and I wasn't the hugest fan of that.  
The story follows a family of children as they are stolen and placed into various homes as well as the Tennessee Children's Home.  The other side of the story is a curious female who begins to investigate the history of her family and how they were involved.  

I love all things Lauren Graham and loved listening to her memoir 'Talking As Fast As I Can' was no different.  I listen to a lot of book tapes but I especially enjoy when the author reads them.  Lauren is fabulous to listen to, hilarious and provided quite a few anecdotes and stories about Gilmore Girls.  
I loved that book so much I immediately downloaded 'Someday, Someday Maybe' - her first fiction piece.  It is loosely based on her life and how she became involved in acting.  Again, a winner.  

'Me & Emma' was a very quick read with quite the interesting twist at the end.  I will admit, a few times during the book I kept wondering where it was going.  However it is one of those reads that right at the end it all comes together and makes sense.  

I've also had a couple duds lately as well.  A few I pushed through (mainly 'One of the Boys') and a few I just did not finish because I couldn't.  I enjoyed Kevin Kwan's first 2 books but could not get through 'Rich People Problems'- it seemed too all over the place.  

What have you been reading and what should I put on my list next?
If you aren't already, feel free to follow me on Goodreads, I love to keep track of my books and 'to read' list on there.


Tanya said...

I just finished Seven Days of us, and thought it was such a fun read!

Laura B said...

Before We Were Yours sounds interesting! I might have to pick that one up! Thanks for sharing these!

Kristin said...

I heard Seven Days of Us recommended somewhere else too...might be worth checking out!

Anne said...

I just heard an interview with the author of Seven Days of Us and it sounded like a cute/fun one - but sounded kind of holiday-ish, so I wondered if I'd be late to the game? And I'm excited to hear about Someday, Someday, Maybe because I just downloaded it on a whim (can't pass up a Kindle deal!).

I'm 3/4 of the way through the new Jojo Moyes and I'm actually rather liking it. I really didn't like the 2nd in this Me Before You series very much, but I'm finding this third one to be some good reading for this snowy weather that makes me want to curl up with a book...

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