Total Basset Case: April Photo A Day: Photo Dump

May 1, 2012

April Photo A Day: Photo Dump

Holy guacamole, is it really May already?
Where did time go?
(speaking of guacamole, check out this recipe over at Ashley's blog)

Again, I really enjoyed doing the Photo A Day challenge this past month!
I plan on going forward with May as well.

I may not have done every single day in April, 
but I did mange to do quite a few
Here is the dump...
Day 1: Your reflection: messy hair and all
 Day 3: Mail: elf goodies I got in the mail via a groupon
 Day 7: Shadow: My actual shadow and my 4-legged shadow
Day 9: Younger You: Circa 1st grade dance recital 
Day 11: Where you ate breakfast: Staring at this face every day while he waits for Cheerios
 Day 21: Bottle: Wine wall at Catablu
 Day 24: Something you are grateful for: This sweet face
 Day 29: Circle: We go through a lot of peanut butter
Day 30: Something you don't like: Buying gas (I did save $.40/gallon though!)

Are you joining in for May??
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Erin said...

April was the first month I tried a photo-a-day challenge and I think I maybe did 3-4 days, haha oops! Maybe in May I can get up to 10 done ;)

Jess said...

I just started following you! I am @jgough2
I love the photo a day!

Unknown said...

Love the photo a day thing! Can't wait to see your's for May!

xoxo, Emily

Caitlin said...

Love that cute recital picture!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

OMG you are good at this!! I tried and only made it to the second week!!! Im gonna try again this month!!!