Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up: So Fresh and So Clean

Aug 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: So Fresh and So Clean

Our weekend was BUSY.
We managed to accomplish a lot around our house
and crossed a lot off our list.
Friday night we had a wild and crazy date to Lowes.
We picked up a few items for the house
and rented a carpet shampooer.

A majority of our weekend looked like this:
 We shampooed our entire sofa and cleaned the floors to the max. 

Saturday was more of the same.
After our weekly Saturday morning date to Starbucks with Floyd
and a stop at the park to see friends.
I am pretty sure that every square inch of our house is clean.
Floors, bathrooms, kitchen, carpets, everything.
Even the outside windows.
Looks like a brand new sofa!  
Floyd was helpful, as always. 

Saturday night we stayed in and had pizza and beers and watched
'The Girl Who Played with Fire'.

Sunday Mister surprised me with Sunday Funday.
On Saturday he told me that we were going to do something spontaneous on Sunday.
I said okay and was so curious as to what we were doing.
Sunday morning he told me to write down what I wanted to do or thought we were doing
and he was going to write down the same.
 We switched pieces of paper and his said:
 He had arranged for Katie and Derek to come up (without me knowing)
and we had a fabulous day at the pool. 
Bud Light Limes + fire crackers + sunshine + pool time + friends = great Sunday

I need a weekend from my weekend.
How was yours?

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Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Such a sweet husband!

Baxter does the same thing! He always smushes up next to our sofa ottoman to snooze. In fact, he is doing it right now!

Anonymous said...

Um, come clean my house next? Did you use the carpet shampooer for the couch? Ours really needs some TLC. And how cute is the husband? Glad you had a fun and productive weekend!

Anonymous said...

Um, come clean my house next? Did you use the carpet shampooer for the couch? Ours really needs some TLC. And how cute is the husband? Glad you had a fun and productive weekend!

Luana said...

I went to the movies, bar with friends and Sunday to the opera, which was a bit work, but no problem...

your post made me want to have some starbucks ice tea... :o)

hope you're not having a hard Monday!


Erin said...

Your couch looks great!!!! Come do mine?! ;) It's amazing what those carpet shampoo machines will do- we rented one when we first moved into our house and the carpets looked TOTALLY different when we got done!

Floyd helped out a ton, I'm sure ;)

Darby Hawley said...

awwwwww that is so sweet of your hubby!! What a fun and productive weekend!

Unknown said...

That is so awesome of your husband to plan that out!! It sounds like you had a good mix of productivity and fun. Those are always the best weekends!

Angie said...

I'm so JEALOUS Of your amazingly clean house. My poor house, 3 kids does a number on it. Let's just say it's lived in!

Glad you had some fun on Sunday. The whole weekend can't be about productivity :)

Unknown said...

Awesome!! And i love a good clean house especially before it gets all stuffy before winter!

Katie said...

Your weekend sounds similar to ours! :) We stayed in a lot too. Now if I can just get a phone in the next day or 2 I will be good to go! ps love that couch!!!

Sami said...

Love that the Hubs planned a fun day after all of that cleaning! Such a sweet guy! Now can ya'll come clean my place please ;) Thanks for linking up doll!

CWY said...

Such a sweet surprise! It looks like you got so much accomplished this weekend! You guys deserved some fun! Happy Monday!

Significance or Nothing.

CALLIE said...

Such a sweet little Mister!! Sunday Funday's are the best. Especially when they are a surprise.

Unknown said...

Aw cute puppy! My sister has a basset and definitely needs to steam clean her couch since it sheds so much!! Fun weekend projects haha

Anne said...

You probably go to a Lowe's closer to your house... otherwise we totally could have run into each other Friday night. Our wild & crazy Friday was homemade pizza and then Lowe's for flooring samples and a bug repellent lantern. Exciting.

Your couch does look great (doesn't it feel good to have done?!), I love the close-up of Floyd on the rug, and Sunday Funday sounds great.

Lindsey Nicole said...

Mmm firecrackers are the best!!! Sounds like a great weekend - and a super sweet honey!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Okay, now I feel so unaccomplished reading all about your cleaning day! Ugh, I need to get on it! At least I got my closet cleaned!!! And yay for Sunday Funday! So sweet!!


Unknown said...

YAY for getting things done! Y'all are awesome! I was a bit under the weather this weekend so we didn't get anything done..oops! But, I have hopes for this coming weekend :)

Casey said...

Doesn't it feel SO good to be productive around the house? Even better than being productive at work, IMHO. I love your rug :) And Floyd, as always.

Unknown said...

I didn't even know you could shampoo a sofa... looking into that ASAP! Glad you had a fun (and productive!) weekend.

xoxo, Emily

Katie said...

Your pictures of Floyd are always sooo good! We had the best Sunday Funday with you guys!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Your rug and sofa look great! I shampooed our bedroom carpet last week and it sucked :-/ But on the bright side, it looked a bit better, and smelled better.

Michelle A said...

That note is the cutest thing ever!! spontaneous is always fun :)