Total Basset Case: Catching Up

Oct 2, 2012

Catching Up

I had full of intentions of doing a 'Fall Bucket List' post for today.
And then the exhaustion of being gone (and you know, meeting Kevin Costner), running all of my weekend errands on Monday afternoon and catching up with our Sunday shows happened.


But what we did do was watch the season premieres of Dexter and Homeland.
 Omg.  Whoa to your Mama. 
That's all I can say.
And the previews for the rest of the season...what?!

 Do you guys watch either of these shows?
I know I've talked about them before but Showtime has knocked them out of the park again and I am so excited to see where the seasons go.

What fall shows are you excited about?

I am off to snuggle with Floyd and make up for lost time while easing him into the idea that he's getting a bath soon.


Amanda @ this IS my real hair said...

ok ok I just wanted Dexter last night. WTF!!!!! I cannot even believe...(!!)

clearly I won't say anything in detail because it just aired but I know you understand what I am talking about.

HOW CAN THAT HAVE BEEN THE ENDING TO A PREMIERE!? omg that was seriously like a finale episode! pure insanity.. I cannot wait to see where this season goes!! I just got goosebumps lol

wow that was a crazy person comment... and I don't even think we've spoken before lol whatevs. anyone who watches this show knows where I am coming from lol

Brooke said...

Can you even believe Dexter? I get so lost in the show. Like I think about it all the time and what could possibly be going to happen this season. I keep trying to read spoilers but then get mad at myself and click out of them. EEK!

Kait said...

I MISSED DEXTER AND I NEED TO SEE IT ASAP! I don't watch homeland but seriously..DEXTER.
Okay, I'm done now. I think it's awesome you met Kevin Costner..and sometimes you just get too busy for blogging!

XO Kait

CALLIE said...

We watch Dexter but we are way behind... It sends my anxiety into outer space so I can only handle a little at a time hahaha!

Lia Joy said...

We love Dexter! But I haven't watched Sunday's episode yet. Haven't had time, but it's waiting for me on my DVR!

I've never watched Homeland, but maybe I should... :)

Blue Dog Belle said...

Okay. I don't watch either of these... #fail. I rarely venture beyond bravo. But after the Emmy's I'm thinking I need to.

Joy said...

I'm with "blue dog belle" my shows are usually on Bravo or A&E (excited life, I know) but the MR loves CBS shows, so he has me watching them all the time. Persons of Interest is a good one, too.

Liz said...

I absolutely LOVE Homeland! For starters I've been obsessed with Mandy Patkin since his Indigo Montoya days. Then there are my Angela Chase and Band of Brothers infatuations. Basically, I'm convinced this show was created for me.