Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Southern Living, Our Way

Jan 4, 2013

Floyd's Friends: Southern Living, Our Way

 I don't know about you but I sure am glad this was only a 3 day week.
I'm not sure I could have handled much more.

I wanted to let you guys know about a few changes to Floyd's Friends for 2013.
1. I will now be offering the option for Floyd's Friends for the week to do a giveaway if they so choose.  I will organize the rafflecopter and entries and the giveaway will be open until the following Thursday.
2.  Floyd's Friends will now run every other week.
Floyd asked for a little more time to shine and Friday's with Floyd will return every other week.
Any questions, just shoot me an email and as always, if you and your pooch (or other animal) want to be featured on Floyd's Friends send me an email (!

Today we have Alexa and Holly from Southern Living, Our Way
Alexa and Holly are just the cutest and we are so happy they are here today!
Alexa let Holly take over for her today and I think she may have a future in comedy.
She is one funny pooch.
Take it away, Holly (and Alexa)!

Hi, Floyd’s friends!
I’m Holly {also called Bug/Buggy, Buggins, Hollybug, and Babushka - don't ask}, and my crazy mommy blogs over at Southern Living, Our Way! She’s kind of obsessed with me, so I’m blog-famous over there, but I’m so happy to be here on Floyd’s friends today so I can make even more admirers friends!
Me in my younger, more spritely days.
Today I thought it’d be fun to share with you a few of my Favorite Things, a la that weird Von Trapp fam who sings and dances and dresses in drapery.
The beach!
I’m a beach bum at heart. I’m half Labrador, after all! My mommy and daddy met at college in Wilmington, NC, so they took me to the beach all the time to run around and chase the seagulls {Mom has this weird fear of birds, so she loves when I chase them out of her path!}. I love the sand between my webbed feet and the wind at my nub tail; just don’t get me near the water! Again, I said half Labrador. The Beagle in me is a fan of being dry and clean.  :)
Guarding my house
I’m a guard dog at heart. I love sitting in the window for hours on end, barking at passersby and making sure no one’s trying to get feisty in my big ol’ yard. I even attacked the creepy plumber a few weeks ago. Mom didn’t seem too thrilled about that, though. 
Gosh Mom, what do you think these big ol’ chompers are for anyway?!
Going to school
As mah man Ron Burgundy would say, “I’m very important. I have many leather bound books and my apartment kennel smells of rich mahogany.”
But for real, I hold many prestigious degrees from various training academies. So what if I earned them by nipping other pups in the bootaaay and drooling all over the training mats. They graduated me anyway, those fools!
Mommy says I’m very obedient though. Really, I just love nomming on my sweet potato treats.
Workin’ on my fitness
Dad’s my witness;
I put them Spaniels on rock, rock;
They see me struttin’ down the block, just to watch how I wag.
I’m Buggalicious.
Every morning, my Dad takes me for a walk so I can keep my girlish figure. It’s the highlight of my day and I love wiggling my way down the block! {After that, those a-holes leave me while they go “work” all day. The nerve.}
Mom can't even keep up...
So sometimes I just walk myself!
Things I don't love
Being dressed in ridiculous attire all for the sake of making my humans laugh. Seriously, they're off their rockers. Don't they know who I am?!
As you see, friends, I live a busy life {mostly} filled with things I love. I was lucky to be adopted from a shelter by my mommy and daddy when I was a wee pup, and so far they’ve kept me around for almost five years! I guess it’s just my girlish charm and stunning good looks ;) 
But they're also trying to teach me to fetch beers for them from the fridge. Does that violate some sort of child labor laws?
Thank you for having me, Floyd and Sarah! I hope you’ll hop over to Mommy’s blog and fawn over my insane cuteness follow along!
Oh Holly, you are too cute!
If fetching beers is against child labor laws, Floyd says you better call them on us too.

Please go visit these lovely ladies over here and tell them we sent you!

And Floyd and I would like to extend a huge CONGRATS to Kait on her engagement last night!!
We could not be happier for her and Dane!!

Have a great weekend!
I know ours will be spent relaxing and still recovering from the holidays, hanging with friends and finally taking down our tree.


Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Hahaha! This was one of my favorite installments of Floyd's Friends! One of these days I'm going to have to submit my dogs to Floyd for his scrutinization! ;P They are kind of lazy though so I don't have many good "active" pictures of them lately...haha

Helene said...

One of my fave pooches!!! and yay for Kait!!

Sam said...

Love Holly! Floyd just has on so many friends now!!

Joy said...

Oh. My. Word. This was the cutest and funniest post! What a way to start off 2013's Floyd's friends!

And yes, I'm game for 3 day weeks every week. Where do I sign up?! Happy Friday, Sarah!

Allison said...

Hilarious! That black outfit is the best!

Erin said...

Haha- Love Holly & Alexa ;) So happy Floyd continues to make great dog-blog friends!!

Anne said...

Yes, I am with you on the good thing it was a 3-day week...

At least we can end it with cute pups - I love Holly even more after seeing she's a shelter dog and part lab like Ginger! So cute on the beach.

Sarah Tucker said...

How freakin' adorable!!!! Heading to her blog now to become a follower! Love the pooch!

Jen said...

Glad to see Floyd's friends is back! I think Abby would be more than happy to get beers for us, since she loves to get in the fridge anyway. She would just grab herself a little snack as well...ha!

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

I do miss Floyd's adventures, so glad the Friday Floyd's friends has been such a success!! Have a great weekend!!

Caitlin C. said...

That dog!! So so cute.

Lisette @ Northern Belle Diaries said...

Oh Holly! I see you're just as funny as your momma! Thank you for this. I made my morning! Chip and Daisy also enjoyed this as well! Have a good weekend!

Kate said... how have i NEVER stumbled upon this blog? all this time i felt like i was a total freak because i love my dog more than i love most humans. but now i know i'm in good company. so happy to have found this blog through Alexa. you can be sure i'll be emailing you and Floyd about getting Gilly on here to be besties with Floyd.

Ashley said...

Doggy school!!! And that little certificate. So adorable!

Heather said...

OMG I love this! Rex wants to be a friend... absolutely darling!

Pearls & Paws

Danielle said...

Oh, I just love Holly (and Alexa!)

Floyd is one popular pup and has the cutest friends!