Total Basset Case: Resolution Bandwagon

Jan 3, 2013

Resolution Bandwagon

I may be a day late but I'm joining the blogging bandwagon of 2013 resolutions.
For the past two years the Mister and I have made a yearly goals list that we hang on our fridge.
And we plan on doing this this year as well...started working on it last night in fact.
I am a firm believer that hanging these goals and resolutions on the fridge motivate and remind us to accomplish them.
But, this year I wanted that list to be more specific (i.e. that I could cross off) and for my resolutions to be things I could constantly be working on through the year. 
And, that my friends, is how a crazy list maker turns one list making event into two separate events.
I need list making intervention.

Without further adieu, my 2013 resolutions:

1. Simplify and balance. I need to focus on being content doing nothing and not obsessing over having to be doing something at every moment of the day. With this comes learning how to balance everything that is going on in my life.  And knowing it's okay if everything on my list doesn't get crossed off immediately.  I think remembering to take a deep breath and concentrate on spending time with my boys and friends will be vital to accomplish this.
2. Healthiness. This is a pretty easy one for the Mister and I but I wanted it on the list so that it is a constant reminder.  I have a post coming up soon on our healthy habits and how we've changed our ways (for the better) recently.
3. Budget. Easy enough but we need to be more diligent about it.  We have a few house projects that we would love to accomplish this year and budgeting will certainly help us get them done. I totally failed at registering for last year...let's hope I can accomplish that one this year.
4.House Maintenance. This includes things like mulching, raking, cleaning the gutters.  These are not ever always the most fun jobs but are necessary to maintain our home and help get the most out of it in the future.  I can get on board with changing out some light fixtures and painting though!

And that is what we are starting with and aiming to accomplish over the next 12 months.
I'll be back next week with my (and Mister's) actual goals for the year...the concrete items we want to tackle (and cross off) in the upcoming year.

And because every post needs a's one of Floyd that Mister shot with the new 50mm lens.
 This was probably his reaction after he heard his face was made into a cake.


Kait said...

Where are f's resolutions!

Allison said...

I finally posted mine too. I like that you and your husband do them together. One of our goals is budgeting too...dun dun duh. :)

k8te said...

FLOYD! (i love his face)

our goals are similar, we have a million house projects we want to do. and really need to budget for them. is really great, i signed up when we were saving for our house, the pie chart really helps with showing where your money goes (ahem...wawa coffee..oops!) happy new year!

Joy said...

Oh Floyd... your facial expressions, or maybe lack of CRACK ME UP! I love getting my daily Floyd fix. =) We have some major goals this year, too. Maybe posting them like 50 in 2013 or something like that will help me cross them off our list. Because you know everyone loves to cross stuff of their list. Otherwise we wouldn't make on out! =) Happy Thursday. That's right... THURSDAY!!! Whoop Whoop!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Ummm. I'm ashamed to say we have never cleaned the gutters at our house. That's probably not good...though there are basically no trees in our neighborhood, there are probably still a bunch of nasty things lurking inside there. Ick. I need to do better at maintaining my landscaping. I would say my husband needs to but I know that isn't going to happen, ha. ALSO - re: I've wanted to sign up many times but I'm nervous about giving my bank information to someone else. I don't know why. If you do sign up let me know your thoughts :)

TheTinyHeart said...

I have to work on the budget one big time! I'm on but it hasn't really worked much for me, ha.

I saw the Floyd cake on Instagram and thought it was AWESOME!

The Tiny Heart

Caitlin said...

Ugh, budgeting! We've always been pretty laissez faire about budgeting since we were DINK. Now that we are expecting a baby, it's time to get real.

In other news, expecting a baby means that I don't have to worry about adding losing weight to my list of resolutions... for now.

Sarah Tucker said...

Great goals! Chris and I need to do the same: budget, simplify, eat healthy. 2013 is the year!

And Floyd is just adorable as ever.

Nicole M. Hutchison said...

Happy New Year!!! Floyd, as always, looks amazing. HA! I got a 50mm lens too for Christmas, and loving it. Cheers for a blessed 2013, I think it's going to be a GREAT year.

Nicole @ Three 31

Unknown said...

oh floyd! too dang cute!

Veronica Lee Burns said... is awesome! my husband and I use and we LOVE it. It's perfect because it'll pull in everything from what you owe on cars and homes to credit cards and debit cards/bank accounts. Perfect, easy solution to help create and maintain a budget.

Jen said...

I am a list maker also, and love crossing things off. Love seeing new pics of Floyd. What type of dig camera do you have? I just got a Canon Rebel T3i and am trying to figure out how to use it :)

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

I love lists!! I make list of list: one will be general and then the other is specific ...weird? You have some great resolutions and the Floyd bday cake is definitely one to remember

Anne said...

I'm SOOOO with you on the "simplify & balance" one. Why the hell do I think I have to be going going going, all. the. time?!?! There are days where I just feel exhausted & lets be honest, it's my own fault.

Love the idea of hanging on the fridge....make sure it's low enough for Floyd to see.


Because Shanna Said So said...

I so need a healthy habits/Living post!!! I am so utterly gross right now!!! And will you guys come maintain my house? I will babysit Floyd! ;)

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

I need to steal your #1 goal! Good luck with these. happy 2013

Deidre said...

These are so great! I particularly need to get on the budgeting wagon since I've recently lost my job...Ugh!

And oh my goodness that cake is the best thing EVER.