Total Basset Case: The List.

Jan 8, 2013

The List.

For the past 2 years Mister and I have had a list of goals/resolutions/to dos, whatever you want to call them, for the year and hung them on our fridge.
There aren't many things I like more than a list BUT it has to be where I can see it or I'll immediately forget what's on it.
Cue ALWAYS forgetting that one thing on my mental list at the grocery store.
Every single time. (Note: we do not have any coffee creamer, sorry Mister)
Anyway, I really like having this list on the fridge and out in the open.
If nothing else, it keeps us accountable. 

The past two years we have done (in my opinion) very well with crossing off a majority of our list.
This past year we crossed off 18/26 items. 
That's...(hold on, need a calculator) 69% which isn't an A+ but for what the goals were, I think we did alright.
(Check out a portion of last year's list here.)

Also for the past two years I've put a 'stretch' goal on the list.
The first year it was to start a blog...well we know how that one turned out ;)
and last year it was to run a 5k.
Crossed that baby off in July!
You have to keep reading to find out this years stretch goal. 

This is not the complete list but here are the top ones we are working towards (and dying to break out the sharpie to mark off). 

1. New carpet- This is a carry over from last year but we are determined to make it happen this year.  The teal carpet in our master bedroom and us need to part ways and SOON.
2. Make a headboard- Thank you Pinterest for convincing me that this shouldn't be toooo hard.
3. Eat dinner at the table more often- We have gotten in a bad habit of watching our shows while eating dinner and I'd love for us to eat at the table more.
4. Buy This should be fairly easy and hopefully the purchase and transition will happen soon.  (Now don't any of you go out and scoop it up from me ;) ). 
5. Design and buy Total Basset Case business cards- Again, easy enough, just need to do it.
6. Mirror for striped wall- Already crossed this one off! Whoo!
(New mirror: $20 from Garden Ridge. More importantly I have a new spot for #ootd pictures.)

7. Monthly blog goals- I am on the hunt for a cute calendar to keep a running list of blog goals, ideas and posts I want to do every month along with some general planning for TBC and the upcoming year.  Anyone know of any cute ones?
8. Run a 10k??- This is my stretch one...eek!  You may recall the race I ran in September ended up being 4 miles so I am trying to convince myself that 2 more won't be that big of a deal...

There you have it!
Now where's my sharpie?!

And be sure to come back on Friday for Floyd's resolutions for the new year.


Cassandra said...

Pintrest has also convinced me that making a headboard shouldn't be to hard. I like your blog calendar idea. I might need to do that too! Funny I was thinking about buying! Haha jk

Jodi said...

Great goals! I just made and bought "blog" business cards last night. I'm going to Blissdom so they will come in handy. Someone suggested I put a photo of myself on it so people will remember who I am and I thought this was a great idea!

Domesticable said...

I would buy it today. When I posted about buying my domain it was purchased the next week and they were selling it for $500. It made me sooooo mad!!! We have a list like this too. It grows daily though. :)


Bethany said...

I'll make sure there are mimosas at the finish line of your 10K!

Katie said...

Yay for lists! So many fun things for TBC, very exciting! That would seriously be the meanest thing ever if somebody bought that domain.

Holly said...

I love your goals. I think Shawn and I need to make a list together of things we want to accomplish together. I usually have more lists of things I want to accomplish in a week than he has had his whole life. Maybe making a list of goals should be the first thing on our list? Good luck with your goals, and if you need a running buddy - I'm in!

Sarah Tucker said...

Making a headboard isn't hard at all! Well...hoping that you already have all the tools you need! And I love that mirror. Such an awesome find for twenty bucks!

Unknown said...

I also want to make a headboard! But, that may have to wait a bit :) I hope you get to do yours, there are so many tutorials on pinterest that look legit.

And your .com reference reminded me that I need to pay to update mine..eek! thanks for the reminder =D

Kait said...

I use the free templates from Microsoft Word because 1. I'm cheap and 2. it doesn't take much ink to print them, see #1

Jen said...

I too love lists and have a list of blog ideas and a list of goals by quarter in the back of my planner that I can add to and cross off. Crossing off is my favorite part!! I do need to start planning out my blog posts and have been debating on a calendar for this.

Angie said...

I make lists for my lists! Yep, I'm that bad. Good luck with your goals friend :)

Stephanie said...

You go girl!! And I totally agree with eating at the table more...such a bad habit but it's SO important to spend time with each other NOT in front of the tv. #guilty

Ashley said...

Search "blog calendar" on Pinterest and they should have some pretty good free printables.

Great goals!! Looking forward to seeing your new headboard!!

emi said...

cute the goals! especially making a headboard..impressive! love following your blog! XO

emi said...

cute the goals! especially making a headboard..impressive! love following your blog! XO

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

The domain name should be super easy. I actually did it through blogger/google and it took care of everything for me as far as the publishing/directing there! I like the new mirror...I need one for my front hallway too! As for monthly blog goals, I'm not quite to the goals part yet, but I purchased a very plain Maybook to use as like a blogging journal of sorts. It's slim and a nice size I can keep in my purse to jot notes on :)

Jennifer said...

After searching around on pinterest...I am anxious to make a headboard for my bed also!! They all look so cool! Hopefully mine won't turn out crappy!