Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Pearls and Paws

Feb 22, 2013

Floyd's Friends: Pearls and Paws

I am so glad it's finally Friday.
This has been a crazy town week at work.
If I can find my desk by the end of the day I'll call this week a success.

Oh and Floyd said to say thank you for all of the sweet compliments on his tie.
He is ready for a night on the town tonight! 

Today on Floyd's Friends we have a very special guest and his stylish mama.
Please welcome Heather and her little man Rex of Pearls and Paw.
I mean, could that be a cuter blog name?!
Fashion and dogs...I was sold from day 1.
Heather always has adorable outfits on and is definitely an inspiration! 

Take it away you two!
Happy Friday! I’m Heather from Pearls & Paws – and rather than me introduce my little fur monster, he wanted to do the honors himself ;)  So here’s life according to Rex…
Hi everyone!!!  I’m pretty sure my name is Rex (sometimes I get called Doodle, Button, Sassy, Dumb Dumb, Muffin, Rexxy, and Little Bear Face – it’s all very confusing).  I’m half Yorkie and half Pomeranian and will be 7 years old this September. I’m pretty sure I’m about 170 pounds, but the scale at the vet never goes above 7.
I’m pretty hyper and sort of a spaz (have you met my Mom?) . My free time is spent chasing balls, barking at squirrels, and destroying squeaky toys (the whole point of those things is to free the squeaker, right?).  I don’t understand why people aren’t constantly playing with me … so if you are trying to read a newspaper I will likely sit on it, or if you are on your laptop I will up on your keyboard.  I pretend I don’t enjoy when my mom dresses me up, but secretly I love it!
I love being outside, but prefer solid ground… Mom tried taking me swimming last summer and I didn’t know what to do with my paws – everyone was laughing but I didn’t think it was very funny (click here to watch the video).  Mornings are nice because I always get a belly rub when I roll over – but only for a little bit, because I’m ready to find my ball and start the day!  I don’t like eating my meals on hard surfaces – so even though my food dish is in the kitchen I carry my food to the living room and eat it on the carpet. And like clockwork, about 30 seconds after I eat, I burp… and if possible I prefer to do it in someone’s face.  After dinner I like to “play ball”, which means I whine at my ball until someone throws it (and repeat).  About 10 minutes before I’m ready for bed, I run around the house like a crazed animal making Gremlin noises.  And that’s pretty much a typical day (I’m exhausted just thinking about it!)
 No matter much I don’t listen (don’t tell Mom but I do know what “come” means) a few licks always gets me off the naughty list.  But for the most part I try to be a good boy and give lots of kisses and cuddles  J

Come visit us at Pearls & Paws – we love making new friends! And many thanks to Sarah & Floyd for having us today!!!

Awww Rex, we think you have the awesomeness and might of a 170lb and are adorable to boot!!
Floyd is with you on the swimming, he's not much of a fan either.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Kaliwood said...

So glad I found your blog! Fellow dog lover and Cincinnati resident - I'm from NKY!
Love the pup pictures!

Heather said...

Thanks Sarah!! This was so fun... Rex says "woof woof" to Floyd :)

Pearls & Paws

Helene said...

ahahaha love this and love Heather and her dog!

Casey said...

So so cute! I love this idea! Friday is the perfect day to ogle precious pooches.

According to Jax said...

Oh my gosh this little pup is so cute!! :)
P.S. I'm having a giveaway for $75 credit at Minted on my blog today. Be sure to enter!! :)

Mitha Komala said...

super cute puppy! <3

Letters To Juliet

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

such a cute dog!! I want one of both your dogs!! Floyd looked super handsome in his tie..hope his night out goes well :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Awww. Love that last picture! So stinking adorable!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

This dog is TOO CUTE!!! Love it! :)
I've never put my dogs in the swimming pool but I think they'd be the same way, ha.

SH said...

That puppy is seriously adorable!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

The Hartungs Blog

Head to Toe Chic said...

So cute!!! I love those outfits :)


k said...

he is so freakin cute :) bama has a camo fleece too and it always makes me laugh!