Total Basset Case: Suit Up

Feb 28, 2013

Suit Up

This dreary, dreary, wet, yucky cold weather Ohio has graced us with lately has me dreaming of Spring.
I may or may not have started picking up a few Spring items here and there in hopes of wishing anything above 45 degrees to grace us with it's presence.

You may have seen on Twitter that I snagged these two items from J.Crew over the weekend thanks to an AWESOME giveway by Jess that I won a few weeks ago.
I hit up the outlet at just the right sale time and ended up paying less than $15 for both of these things.
And can we talk about that dress for a moment?
Its a 3 for 1er (mid-length dress, shift dress, skirt). Score.
AND. It is a TWIRLER if I've ever seen a twirler.
(side note, being able to twirl in a dress is my #1 requirement and favorite thing in life.  I may or may not have put my wedding dress on the other day and twirled around the entire house. Read: DID IT.)
And those shoes are waterproof.
Well, until you step into a puddle bigger than 1/2" they are.
But they are cute and cute always wins out.

But what I have really had my mind on lately is swim suits.
A cute suit (similar) jumped into my buggy at Target a few weeks back (see: early January...ooops) and has been staring at me from my drawer for what feels like forever now.

In my defense, this swim suit hunt began after our NYE weekend away and I put on an old suit I bought for our honeymoon and realized it fit in 0 places up top.
Thank you p90x.
Don't get me wrong, I love p90x and the results but that dang 'ol Tony took my girls (not that I had much to start with anyway).
And because trying on swim suits and jeans is what I equate to torture, I thought I better start early in hopes of maybe having one that fits by the time it's Spring/Summer. 

You really can't beat the price of the Target ones and I also found this cute one at Pennys.
Bethany just showed me some adorable ones at Aerie that aren't a million dollars and I have my eye on a few at VS as well.
So, you tell me, where are your favorite places to look for suits?
Have you already starting shopping and willing Spring to show her pretty little head as well?

Don't forget to enter the group giveaway!
Winner will be announced Tuesday!
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Jodi said...

I agree that Target is great for a cute, fun and cheap swim suit. But every year or every other year I like to invest in an expensive suit at one of the mall stores. They just seem to fit better and look better. They should for over 100 bucks! Ha! I can't even remember the name - I think one is Water Water Everywhere. . .

Brooke said...

I bought the cutest swim suit from Target - it's leopard and blue. And I am in love. But it must be juniors or else I am a big booty judy (I am.) because it doesn't fit right. Shoot. I love a good twirly dress too : )

Sarah Tucker said...

Target is my go-to. Having a basic black bottom and top means I can get fun pieces (heavily discounted at the end of summer) and pair them with a solid colored partner :)

k8te said...

target has the cutest swimsuits! i love buying their mix and match solid colors. target is dangerous for me...esp since we live pretttttyyyy close to one!

Kait said...

After much consideration, I've found the perfect one piece for all of your snorkeling adventures (practice in the bath tub). This way, there's no question of your origins.

Katie said...

that shoes are so cute!!! i love them!

Katie said...

You did not put on your wedding dress??!?! LOL, that is seriously amazing!!!

I LOVE bathing suits. I used to have 288,400,394...not quite, but still I had a lot. Now, I really only have 2 that fit correctly and they are from VS. I think that's my fav.

Classy in The Classroom said...

3 in 1 thats amazing! What a great deal!!! I love twirling in dresses and skirts too! I already bought a couple swim suits from Target (oops) haha! They are so inexpensive and I am excited for summer! :) Also, I hate jean shopping and swim suit shopping! It's the worst. I always get discouraged when one looks awful.

Allison said...

That dress is amazing. And I absolutely love that you were twirling around in your wedding dress. So cute. :)

SH said...

Target does have adorable swim suits! Wish I had one closer.

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Anne said...

I really reallllllly want those shoes.

And considering my post I just typed up for tomorrow, it doesn't appear I'll be getting them anytime soon.


I suppose I'll just live vicariously thru your feet for now.