Total Basset Case: Houndini

Aug 7, 2013


An now for installment of 'crazy things that happen when you live with Floyd'.
Now that my heart has stopped racing I can share this story.

Remember last week when I told you guys about having our siding and other outside work done?
Well this week has been trim and deck painting.

When I got home Monday night I made sure to close our gate just in case Floyd decided to wander over there.  I really don't think he ever goes to that side of the yard but who knows where that hound nose takes him.
The guys were still here when I did that and they must have gone back to the backyard and left the gate open.
I had no idea about this (obviously).
So we let Floyd out late Monday night.
He was out there for awhile but we didn't think much of it because he wanders and sniffs and meanders a lot at night and then comes back to the door.
I was about to go check on him and the doorbell rings.
We open the door to our neighbor...and Floyd on a leash.

Floyd marched right up our stairs like, 'hey mom and dad!'

Turns out Floyd does go to that side of the yard and decided to keep going.
He wandered to the neighbors house, somehow got inside and was prancing through their LIVING ROOM. 
Just let himself inside.
'Hey guys!! Just coming over to say hi! 
We had chicken for dinner, what did you guys have?
Oh, nice sofa, that looks comfy, can I take a nap?'

I mean, honestly, Floyd. 

Part of me thinks it's hysterical that he just let himself in, part of me is scared to death and can't think of what could have happened and part of me isn't surprised at all because he is SO nosy. 
Let's just say God must have been watching out for him and us. 
In the end, I am just happy he's safe and sound and nothing terrible happened.
And for friendly, dog loving neighbors.

(Better gate procedures are now in place)

Way to give us a heart attack, Floyd!

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Unknown said...

SHUT UP THIS IS SO FUNNY. Like I really did laugh out loud! Oh Floyd!

Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

Aww. It is always so scary when one of my dogs escapes. The last time a neighbor left my gate open and my biggest dog got out, I found him sitting on the front porch just waiting to be let in! I was so relieved he didn't run away and adventure too far from the house!

Fizz and Frosting

Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

Oh man! Scary! Good thing he is safe and your neighbors weren't shocked/scared/surprised by his visit! Those workers need a little talking-to about the gate!

Casey said...

hahaha I still have not stopped laughing about this! But then I just stop abruptly with this lump in my throat because it still scares me so much!!!! I'm so glad he's okay!!! Pierre is still acting like he knows nothing.

Caitlin said...

Thank goodness he's okay!! Those darn hound noses! He was probably hoping he'd get a second dinner and a nice long snooze!!

k8te said...

oh my goodness, FLOYD! i'm glad he's okay! how hysterical that he just let himself in! just following his nose i'm sure ;)

Emma said...

Don't you just wish you could have seen your neighbours face when he wandered in? I bet they were surprised.
But oh my. the heart in the mouth moment when you think something has happened to them. Our pup has 'escaped' twice. Once the neighbours we share the yard with left the gate open and he ran over the road and went into our friends house, sat himself on the sofa and watched tv with them! The second time he got himself lost whilst out with our dog walker and decided to try and run home from a park, a good few miles away, crossing 4 major roads on his way. Another friend scooped him up when he wandered past his shop. My heart still stops a little when I think of his little adventure.......

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

We have been there an embarrassing amount of times. We have a door that sticks and unless you shut it really hard, it will stay ajar and Baxter knows how to get out to sweet freedom. We know that it does this but the kids friends won't shut it all the way, or workers, or the babysitter- we had to rush home from McDonalds a couple of years ago because a neighbor found him wandering down an adjacent highway during rush hour! That was terrifying.

Alexa said...

I'm definitely LOLOLOLOLLLLLL over here right now! Mostly because I can only imagine how quickly I'd pee my pants if I walked into my living room and a huge floppy hound was just prancing around on Frito paws like he owned the place. Floyd, you're gonna be the death of your mama, dude!

Joy said...

FLOYD!!! Oh my word... I'm so happy your back home safely. But yes, that's hilarious that he just made himself at home with your neighbors. LOL Life with Floyd is always entertaining, huh?

Sarah Tucker said...

I would have died. Bailey got out one night and Wrigley alerted us by barking and I almost went into crazy momma mode. SO happy you have wonderful neighbors, and I giggle at the thought of Floyd just prancin' in like, "Hey, what's up, neighbors?"

Lainey said...

oh my this made me laugh out loud. i would have loved to been a fly on the wall at your neighbors house when they discovered there was a basset hound in the living room. my dog has gotten out before through a gate situation she always seems to just end up on the porch after i have run around like a mad woman trying to find her.

Helene in Between said...

hahah OMG that is crazy!!! floyd is one crazy cat... i mean dog.

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

My pup Cinnamon did this once. My mom left the porch door open and she crossed traffic...twice to get to a random neighbor's house. We got scolded for letting her get out. As if we weren't upset enough.

So glad everything turned out okay for Floyd on his mini adventure!

Big Apple, Little Bites

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Hounds are the best. Such a cute story - he just let himself into the neighbors, too funny! Amen for dog people.

katelyn w said...

Floyd! I think its hilarious that he just walked in. Sophie did that to our neighbors once and now they put up their own fence. #rude But thankfully it was your neighbor that found him and not someone else. He was just having a boys night out!

Bri said...

First, yes, I would have had a full on panic attack thinking of what could have happen if he didn't find your neighbors house first..but then after being thankful that's what happened...I would find it hilarious he just let himself in for a good time! haha..oh Floyd...glad he made it back safely to you guys :)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I'd die.

Our dogs frequently look for the open gate and use the opportunity to toddle over to the neighbors' yard and lay around over there. They are ridiculous!

Luckily everyone in the neighborhood knows them and we are crazy gate watchers now.

Nicole Michelle Centers said...

Oh he is the cutest thing ever!

Good thing he is back home safe :)


Katie said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! Thank goodness your neighbors knew Floyd and where to bring him home. Geesh! It is pretty funny he was IN somebody else's home though haha!

Erin said...

Holy macaroni, i am so glad your pup is home safe, but this post is too funny because I dog sat for a crazy basset last weekend and he was a mini escape artist too! I wrote a post about him, Walter and Floyd would be bad news together

Betty said...

That must have been so scary but what a funny story...that Floyd is one curious pup. :)

Sarge in Charge said...

Just stumbled upon this and oh how I can relate! One day I went to take the trash out and do some errands in the neighborhood. When I got back, I started walking up the stairs but paused when I heard our downstairs neighbor say "oh well, she is a nice doggy!" because... they don't have a dog. Our basset Biscuit had somehow gotten out of our apartment, walked downstairs and into the neighbors (how I don't know) and started playing with their toddlers. You know, like it ain't no thang.