Total Basset Case: Surprise of a Lifetime

Jan 3, 2014

Surprise of a Lifetime

I teased you guys yesterday with our New Year's surprise for Casey but I'm back today with the full details.
And a bajillion pictures of Pierre and Floyd.

So about 2 1/2 months ago, I sprung this crazy idea on Kait that we surprise Casey for New Year's/my birthday. She jumped right on board and we immediately started texting Casey's husband who also immediately said YES come on down to Charlotte. 
God bless our bloggy husbands that entertain our crazy ideas!
I absolutely LOVE surprises and I'm still amazed that Kait and I were able to keep this a secret for so, so long.  (On top of Christmas present secrets as well, I was about at my secret keeping limit!)
The three of us group text allll day long and the fact that we didn't let it slip ONCE is nothing short of a miracle. 

So amidst a lot of secret texts, emails, gchats and planning we were able to pull it off!
Mister and I left after lunch on Monday drove to a tiny town in VA and met up with Dane and Kait.
Much to Floyd's dismay, he had to share the backseat with Kait and I for a couple of hours.
Even though I felt like the minutes were CREEPING by, we finally pulled into Casey's neighborhood.
We parked across the street and Kait and I ran, hand in hand, to her front door, trying to not to make a bunch of noise.  We collected ourselves, rang the doorbell and waited.
After what seemed like forever, Casey appeared at the door and the screaming ensued. 
And the jumping and hugging and more screaming.
She honestly had NO idea we were coming and it was the absolute best thing ever. 

The rest of the night was spent talking, drinking wine and just loving life. The amount of times we've dreamed of having a wine number is astronomical and to actually have it come to fruition was amazing.
2 bassets in one house? Us Crazy Dog Ladies could not be happier.

Tuesday was my birthday and we started the day off with a bang with Bojangles for breakfast.  I had never been and I'm not sure why.  Great way to start the day!
The rest of the day was spent gabbing and perfection.
When Kait traveled to Italy last fall she picked up these beautiful bracelets for the three of us.
This was the first time we were able to wear them all in the same place.

That afternoon Alexa came over to hang out!! It was so great to finally meet her in person and let me tell you, she is just as sweet in real life!

Kait and I didn't want Casey to be overwhelmed with having to feed all of us so we loosely planned a menu for NYE evening.  We all ended up cooking at the same time in Casey's kitchen and it was so amazing.  We were (all 8 of us) in heaven.
Photo shoots, DELICIOUS food, fabulous gifts, yummy cupcakes, wine for days and Cards Against Humanity rounded out our night.
Keep an eye out for this Christmas card shot in your mailbox next holiday season.
The rest of our time was spent praying we didn't have to leave and all go our separate ways.
Pierre and Floyd included...they secretly love each other, I just know it.

We all had such a great time and I really wished it didn't have to end.
Mister and I are so thankful that these friends were brought into our life.  (And I think all of the boys are very thankful for the free therapy that comes with the gloriousness of group texting.)  I sincerely love that these ladies are real life friends of mine and no longer just someone online.  I have always been the biggest believer in 'everything happens for a reason' and these fine friends being in our life is definitely not an exception.

I'd say it was a successful trip all around ;)



Pamela said...

Awwww how fun!!!! Yall all look great! :)

Darby Hawley said...

hahaha I'm smiling like a giddy school girl when I read this post! This sounds like the best way to spend the new year and your birthday Sarah! Ah! So awesome that you pulled off such a fabulous surprise for your blogger-turned-real-life-friends. And those hubbies with the babies, just melts my heart!

k8te said...

it looks like you guys had the best time! that shot of the 8 of you is a framer for sure. so fun!!

Casey said...

OMG I love both of you SO MUCH. The BEST EVER. That photo at the top of Kait and Floyd is hysterical - that sums up Floyd's feeling about the entire weekend in one basset facial expression hahahaha

Bri said...

So awesome! I love surprises like that :)

Shelley said...

how fun! what a great way to ring in the new year and celebrate your birthday!

Ashley Robyn said...

Ahhh this makes me so very excited for y'all. I know that feeling of being separated from a special blog friend and how fun it is to show up at their house one day. hehe Looks like such a blast and woohoo for grown up friendship bracelets. Something y'all will cherish forever!!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

This was such a cool idea. Glad you all had such a great time together! :)

Anne said...

Love it!!! Bloggy friends = so great. And you three look super fab in your NYE ensembles.

The Lady Okie said...

That is awesome! That last pic of the sleepers kills me :)

Erin LFF said...

LOVE this so much!! Blogging friendships truly are amazing- so glad you all got to do this!!

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

Awwww so much fun!!! I just love this. And your pictures are gorgeous, per usual!

Natalie said...

I love the name of the blog! It's a cute pun


Jen said...

So glad you all had such a great time! You guys are some of my favorite bloggers and I bet it was too much fun being in the same room with Floyd and Pierre. I totally want to crash your road trip next time...joking, but maybe not...ha :)