Total Basset Case: The LIST Wrap Up

Jan 7, 2014

The LIST Wrap Up

As you guys know, every year Mister and I do a resolution list that we hang up on the fridge and work on throughout the year. 
I am a big fan of lists and crossing things off so I really enjoy creating tangible goals.
So instead of things like 'eat healthier' (which is clearly still on our radar) we have items like 'make a headboard' (which, sadly, is still on our list).

And this year is no different- come back tomorrow for what we are working towards in 2014.

But before we move on to 2014, let's take a look back at 2013 and see how successful we were!

16.5/22, 75% isn't too shabby!
I'd say we did pretty well!!

But, let's talk about a few of the fails first...
New carpet- this one is on the books for very, very soon! I really promise this time!
The dang headboard. Seriously we ARE doing this this year. We have an extra door (from a project I totally forgot to blog about) that we are planning on painting and hanging.
Blog growth - the death of GFC made this a little harder to track but I have seen an increase in numbers all around so that's great!

Now on to the fun part!
Bathroom Remodel- I loved it at the beginning and still love it to this day.  You can't deny what a can of paint can do to a room. Even if that paint ends up on your kitchen floor first.
Eating dinner at the table more often - we really made an effort to do this and I am so happy we did.  I won't lie, there are still nights that we eat dinner on the sofa watching our shows BUT more dinners are happening at the table.
Buy my domain - clearly that happened and I love it!  I just renewed it for the year and it was not the easiest process.  Google really should rethink all of that.
Multiple house updates - these happened thanks to a lovely hail storm we had.  Nature forced our hand to fix those up and I didn't hate it.  And a crossed off item on a list, is a crossed off item no matter how it comes about.
Painting the front door was probably my favorite!
Edit and purge closets and drawers - Oh yes this happened and it was awesome.  There is still more to do but the multiple trips to Goodwill are evidence that this was successful.

For the past few years I've been doing a 'big' running goal and for 2013 it was to run a 10k.
Well, I did that and it was awesome, fantastic and motivating.
So as you can see, I added a half marathon to that list and was able to cross that one off times 3 (here, here and here).
As much as I loved doing house projects, DIY and organization, I am most excited about my running accomplishments.
The fact that last January my biggest goal was to do a 10k and I blew that out of the water by also running 3 half marathons (plus lots of other running) is pretty awesome!

And that's 2013!
On to 2014 (and bigger and better things!) tomorrow! 


Lindsay Colvin said...

Love that you put these on the fridge and corss them off as you go, such motivation! I'm trying to renew my domain now and am about to pull my hair out. Any tips?!

Kelly said...

I should totally put mine on the fridge, maybe then I would have more motivation to do them!

Growing you blog is a great one and I got my business cards from vista print and love them!

Sparkles and Shoes

Casey said...

Woooo hoooo! You guys rock!

Kait said...

This is awesome and something I definitely want to do for Dane and I once we get settled and are BOTH back in Hawaii! I must have missed "give Floyd a basset sibling" on that list. Weird.

Whitney Ellen said...

Yessss, I still loveeee that front door of yours! You guys accomplished a ton. Nice work!

Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

LOL - make a headard is also on Mister's sticky note in his wallet!!! :) hahaha

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

You guys got a lot done! Dang! I think I'll make one, too... and then give it to you two to complete! ;P

Shelley said...

putting it on the fridge where you see it all the time is such a good idea! i'm also soo impressed you ran 3 half marathons last year!! pass along some of that motivation lol

Chelsea Oliver said...

Looks like you guys got a lot done! I'd say it was a successful year!


Anne said...

Impressive how many items you managed to complete! And clearly you KILLED the running goal. Excited to see what you get up to in 2014... oh, and I have to look back at your bathroom again for inspiration. That's one of my 2014 items!

Amanda said...

You did so great! I think that's a good percentage, especially considering how many things were on the list!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

You did so great! I think that's a good percentage, especially considering how many things were on the list!