Total Basset Case: Sous Chef Floyd

Nov 4, 2014

Sous Chef Floyd

Because I am a certain kind of crazy, I love making Floyd's Halloween costumes every year.
And even though we are past Halloween and full into November (I broke down and turned the heat on!), the blog world still needs to see the big reveal.
If I do say so myself...
 Sous Chef Floyd in da HOUSE.

If we are in the kitchen cooking, Floyd is there 100% of the time.
Without a doubt.
The number of photos we have of this is probably somewhere in the 500s.
Sadly you do not get to see these because generally I am in old and most likely mismatched pjs (lucky Mister).  

If you've never cooked a full meal straddling a basset hound under your feet, you've really not lived.
To Floyd's credit, camping out in the kitchen works out for him sometimes.
Like the time Kait dropped an entire piece of prosciutto on the floor at Casey's house on New Years Eve. Happy New Year, indeed! 
 And because he is so stinkin adorable, his mama gives him scraps as well every once in a while.
Lately it's been ham because I've discovered an awesome ham 'n veggie soup that I need to share with you soon!
Surprisingly he kept his costume on most of the night.  Hat included!
The apron is a kids one from Amazon and I made the rest.
Be sure to come back tomorrow for the how tos ;)
   We call this one, 'Steak n' Shake employee', with a tiiiiny bit of drool'. 


Robyn B said...

i am so amazed that he kept the costume on! that hat is SO ADORABLE!!!

Anne said...

Love it! Cookin' up some candy. Also, I turned the furnace on forever ago!

Helene in Between said...

this is so awesome. I wish I could keep my dogs in their costumes!! You are so creative!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I love it! And I love Floyd! I was throwing away a banana peel the other day and Fletch was beside me and reached up and snatched it as I was tossing it in the garbage can. And he ate it! So weird.

Jen said...

Love it! And its a perfect costume for Floyd. He may start requesting to wear it every time he cooks...ha! I am usually tripping over 2 pups, and they are lucky because I'm a messy cook and am always knocking veggies on the ground when I'm chopping them.

The Southern Thing said...

Floyd!! Nice costume man!!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodnesssssssssssss!!!!!! Floyd! That hat! Perfect costume.

Jordon said...

This is so fantastic!!!

Brittany said...

So perfect. I'm beyond glad you went with chef.

Bri said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love his costume! He makes such a handsome chef ;)

Sarah Tucker said...

His paws make the total look! So funny!

Kelley Gilster said...

Too perfect!! Did he really tolerate that chef hat on him all night? If so, I'm super impressed, most dogs would rip that off in a second