Total Basset Case: Whirlwind Weekend

Feb 9, 2015

Whirlwind Weekend

Wowzer we got a lot done this weekend!
Friday night we had an impromptu dinner date with the neighbors for some yummy Mexican.
I will never say no to chips and salsa with friends.

Saturday was full of bootcamp, coffee with friends and cleaning.
The weather was SO amazing (and by amazing, I mean above 40) and it just put me in the mood to clean.  We opened the windows to let some fresh air in and Floyd I got to cleanin!
I have that terrible habit of just going to wipe the counters down and then the next thing I know I am on the ground wiping the baseboards down.  Anyone else do that?
And if you do, can you come to my house and wipe every corner in my house down?  Floyd takes to scratching his nose on all the corners.  So every single corner in our house about 18" above the floor is dirty with whatever in the world is on his nose.
Mister and I spent the rest of the day shopping (I basically want every item from J.Crew Factory right now) and catching up with friends.

Sunday was full of church, errands (Target, duh) and helping the neighbors with a fun new project.  Alexis and I got to hang out with a special friend for the afternoon and she kept us on our toes.
Sunday night was a neighborhood dinner party around our table and I wouldn't have it any other way!

And then by Sunday at about 10pm we finally landed on the couch.  Monday must you come so soon?


Because of Jackie said...

I do the same thing with cleaning! It's like going down a rabbit hole, once you start one thing it snowballs to a five hour cleaning binge...

Kait said...

How about I just move in so that I can take part in these corn chip/marg/dinner table activities?!!

Anne said...

Yes, I totally have cleaning ADD. Always makes things look way worse before they get better... but then (hours later than I intended to be done) I have a sparkling house top to bottom! And a neighborhood dinner party sounds fabulous - I hope we find a neighborhood like that when we move!

Bri said...

I feel you on the cleaning! Except, it's our cat that rubs her face on the corners of the kitchen island and any other corner and leaves dirt. Gross kitty.

Erin LFF said...

I'm that way with organizing. I think, okay I'll just do this one bathroom drawer... and 2 hours later I've taken down the shelves and every item out of the bathroom and I'm starting from scratch- lol!

Jodi said...

How sad it is that above 40 sounds glorius right now!? We are getting slammed with more snow that will bring up up to a good 5 feet. No lie. It is brutal! Floyd would get lost in the snow if he lived in Boston!

Brittany said...

I hate when you need a weekend to recover from your weekend. That seems to happen all too often.

Because Shanna Said So said...

I wish I had your cleaning momentum!! Ha!!!! I do have my windows open right now...can't get enough!! And yes to EVERYTHING at J.Crew factory...I want it ALLLLLLL! :)