Total Basset Case: 5 Friday Loves

Mar 20, 2015

5 Friday Loves

5 things for you on this Spring Friday...
1.  Floyd, because there is never enough Floyd
2.  Remember when I told you guys about Rocksbox a few weeks ago?
Well I have continued to become more and more obsessed.  The last box I got included an adorable Gorjana gold bar necklace that I have yet to take off since I received it.  There is a very large chance that bad boy isn't being mailed back to them.
And you guys are in luck...Rocksbox is amazing and they are extending the code 'totalbassetcasexoxo' for your first month when you join for another month!  No seriously, a free month of adorable jewelry goodies that just arrive at your door.  I would jump on it if I were you! 

3.  A huge shoutout and loudest praise ever to my besties over at Baseball Lacelets!  They launched their Kickstarter a few weeks ago to help them buy their own laser engraver.  And with over a week to go they met their goal!!! And it is still growing!  How amazing is that?!
(possibly one of the most fun pictures I've ever taken)

Click here to back them! 
We have watched them grow their business from literally the ground up (when they used to hand stamp every single lacelet) and are so proud of how much they've grown.  They are blowing things out of the water, moving and grooving at lightening speed and we can NOT wait to see what happens next for them.

4.  There's a chance I ordered this shirt last night....

5.  I made these cookies last night for some about yummy and easy! And they use coconut oil instead of butter! 

Happy Friend, friends! 


Kayla MKOY said...

I want cookies! And PS I'm loving the shirt I won from your giveaway. I can't believe how fast it came to my door!!

Because of Jackie said...

I have a similar necklace and find it world with everything, and layers really week, too. Fun!

Erin LFF said...

Definitely never enough Floyd! ;) That shake it off shirt is adorable!

Kait said...

Never enough Big Sexy. Like...ever. So yes. When can I move in? XO

Jen said...

1. Love some daily Floyd. 2. I'm obsessed with Rocksbox also, and have kept 2 items so far. 3. I just had to order that cute!

Anne said...

I love that shirt, the cookies sound yummy, and so exciting about the kickstarter!