Total Basset Case: All the Push Ups

Mar 18, 2015

All the Push Ups

Back in December I was at bootcamp and our instructor had a sign up that said, '10,000 Push Up Challenge! 100 push ups a day for 100 days! Join us!'
I read it and chuckled to thanks I said.
Then I proceeded to come up with almost 10,000 excuses not to do it.
'That sounds boring'
'I don't want to count to 100 every day'
'I bet that takes forever to do each day'
'I can't do 100 regular push ups'
'I don't want to'
and the list goes on.

Fast forward to the end of the class and I was signed up.
There's a chance I can be persuaded quickly and I like a good fitness challenge.
In my head I told myself I would at least do it until my birthday.
That seemed like a reasonable goal.
My birthday came and went and I kept on push upping.
Even on New Year's Day when I was a bit dead from my birthday
Now I am not one to quit something so I knew at that point, I was going to finish this beast. 
And finish I DID!
Yes I made Mister document my 10,000th push up.
Not to toot my own horn butttt I am pretty impressed with myself and excited I was able to complete this challenge.

I have heard from a few people that this challenge sounds impossible and there is NO way they could do it.
I am here to tell you, YOU CAN!
I will address some of my (and maybe your) concerns and do my best to convince you to try this.
'That sounds boring' - I won't deny that the repetitiveness did get a bit boring but with all the different versions of push ups out there, it is not too bad.
'I don't want to count to 100 every day' Let's just say that I am a bit tired of counting but man do I have it down pat.
'I bet that takes forever to do each day' Oh nay nay! I promise you they do not. Seriously.  I would normally break them up into 25-30 at a time and would knock them out in less than 5 minutes.
'I can't do 100 regular push ups' No big deal! I did plenty of girl push ups in between normal ones.  And the more you do, the better you become and the easier they get.
'I don't want to' This was true for me at first but once I started I wanted to finish!

So to recap, I promise you can do it!
Do all the girl push ups you want! Good girl push ups are a million times better than bad regular ones.  
Or start with an abbreviated version.  Do 50 a day for 100 days.  
The more push ups you do, the easier they come, I PROMISE.
Plus, it makes your arms look AWESOME!  So one point for that with us coming up on tank top season. 
I am kicking myself for not doing a before and after photo of my arms.  Trust me, my guns are larger and I don't hate it.

So I challenge YOU to do some push ups! Let me know if you do!!


Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

I was just getting ready to comment on your arms! You can see that they have definition!! :)

Kayla MKOY said...

I was going to say I would definitely have to do a LOT of girl push ups. I can maybe do THREE regular push ups before having to stop, ha! Hopefully lifting weights will start to help!

Brooke Hamilton said...

Yay!! Congrats! I do really want to try it! I think starting with 50 a day is a good goal for me!!

Unknown said...

Love this! Push ups aren't so bad - but I sure do get a LOT of groans when I cue them in Barre classes!

Brittany said...

This is seriously impressive and now I feel tempted to try it. I would have to do almost exclusively all girl push-ups at first, but maybe just maybe I could work up to regular push-ups?! Congrats!

Sarah Tucker said...

Yay! So impressive! Okay, but I seriously want a picture of your arms!! I've been doing so many pushups and can tell it is working, but 10,000! I can't imagine how amazing your arms look!

Ashley Robyn said...

My arms are the one part of my body that never seem to change from running and videos that I do. I am going to accept your challenge starting Monday. I hate push ups but I can always tell a difference when I've had to do them.

Katie said...

so impressed!!! now i want to see your arm muscles!

Anne said...

You are crazy...amazing! So impressed with all the pushups and also with sticking out a hard goal - I don't have any intentions of doing this at the moment, but I am thinking about starting a Whole30 on April 1 and your encouragement of reaching a goal you thought was impossible to start is inspiring me. So thanks!

Unknown said...

Congrats! I am so impressed and proud of you! 😊

Jen said...

Congrats girl! This is impressive!! I think I might be able to start with 50 push ups a day, 25 in the morning, and 25 at night, so I might have to try this and see if I can get Rick to do it with me.