Total Basset Case: Clothe Ohio {Giveaway}

Mar 4, 2015

Clothe Ohio {Giveaway}

I have always been more than happy to stand behind hard working people and products that give back to the community.
Enter Clothe Ohio and I was all over it.
Their philosophy is buy a shirt, they donate a shirt.
I mean, how awesome is that?!
Not to mention, the shirts are stinkin adorable AND so soft. 
Sounds like a winner all around to me!

A few goodies recently showed up on my doorstep, in too cute wrapping (including a buckeye and a koozie!)
 After admiring the cuteness, I wasted no time putting this sweatshirt on.
And you can ask Mister, I have barely taken it off since. 
I am telling you, it is SO soft.  This is the perfect sweatshirt to transition into Spring with.  

I have taken the sweatshirt off long enough to put on my other favorite item of theirs.

I will be the first to admit I am terrible about getting around downtown and I do not know if this shirt will help me with that or not.  BUT it is super cute (and soft) so that counts for something.
Now if it came with a built in GPS, we would really be in business ;)

In order to pass along this cuteness to you guys, Clothe Ohio is giving away one shirt to a lucky reader! 
All you have to do is go like their Facebook page HERE and leave me a message saying you did and you are entered!
I will announce the winner next Monday! 

Be sure to check out the Clothe Ohio site for all of their styles and remember that for every shirt you buy, they donate one to a local Ohioan in need.  How great is that??


Kayla MKOY said...

That is SO cute! I'd totally be the same way -- never taking the sweatshirt off!!! ;) adorable. I "liked" their page! Love me some good hometown gear!

Robyn B said...

that sweatshirt is SO cute!!! i liked their page! :)

thamilton said...

I liked their page! And may be buying something shortly! :-)

Margaret said...

Definitely liked their page...and was drooling over everything on their site- but had to close it! I gave up shopping for Lent...and this is just way too tempting!!

Unknown said...

I liked their page! 😊

Ashley Bree said...

I liked their Facebook page! :D My facebook is Ashley Bree Perez

Kait said...

What a fun company!!

Roots Out West said...

Adorable. I liked their fb page. :)

Jen said...

I love that sweatshirt, and it would be great in a t-shirt also. I just liked their page, and I'm going to have to check out their other stuff as well. Love me some Ohio stuff :)

Bethany said...

Big Strong Men Will Very Rarely Eat Pork Chops - that is the key to remembering the streets downtown! Now if only Boston was that easy!
And of course I checked out Clothe Ohio - I'm sucker for companies that do good things for others!

Caitlin said...

I like their page! Great stuff!

Cynthia Gaarder said...

Liked their page and love there stuff I am from Ohio so this is great

Meg A said...

I visited FB and liked their page! Thanks for the opportunity :)

Shelley said...

just checked out their site and i'm loving everything! definitely need a couple cincinnati tshirts to rock down here in louisiana! thanks for sharing this awesome company :)

Anne said...

I liked the page... and love all the shirts so much! Might need some Cincinnati pride souvenirs before I move. And I love how you paired the tee with a striped pencil skirt. Cute!

Jen Gavey said...

How cute are those!
Liked their page.

Lauren H said...

I like the page