Total Basset Case: Planning for a Picnic {Wine2Go Review}

Apr 29, 2015

Planning for a Picnic {Wine2Go Review}

With some warm Spring days on the horizon, Mister and I are itching to use our new picnic basket. 
I have already started planning what is going in said basket.
If there are a few simple things in life I like they are spending time with Mister, eating snacks and enjoying Springtime weather on a picnic.  
And wine.  Wine is necessary for a picnic.
How cute are those wine glasses?  Picnic perfect!
Problem is I don't want to risk taking a glass bottle.

Thankfully I found the perfect solution
A foldable wine bottle that holds an entire bottle of wine!
Genius? Genius!
Wine2Go is the most perfect way to picnic with your wine!
No mess, no glass and no chance of breaking the bottle and ruining your picnic basket and all your delicious snacks.
I am literally in awe of how good of an idea this is.  
Wine2Go is great for picnics, the beach, the park and the pool this summer!

I literally cannot wait to go on our picnic and use our Wine2Go!
Next up, snack planning! 

*I was given these products to review but the opinions are all mine


Anne said...

Such a great idea! I'm going to start bringing wine to the beach now... once I start drinking it again IN TWO DAYS! :) Excited to hear about what fun picnic locations you two find.

Flannery said...

We use these for camping! Perfect to enjoy by the campfire.

Kayla MKOY said...

Oh what a great idea! Foldable?! Heck yeah!

Roots Out West said...

These things are so nifty. This would be perfect for parks and jazz fests that don't allow glass.

Kait said...

You absolutely cannot ruin that perfect basket! I love the idea of this!

Unknown said...

This comes in a cute box with 4 air tight stoppers. You can bottle up multiple bottles at the same time it is easy to use ….wine gifts