Total Basset Case: Sweet Summer

Aug 17, 2015

Sweet Summer

We had a really solid summer weekend.
So solid I am still tired so here it is in photos.

Saturday we headed to The City Flea to see our Lacelet besties selling their hearts out
and enjoy the beautiful day in downtown Cincinnati. 

We then headed all the way back north to check out the Western Southern tennis tournament that was going on.  They were offering $5 tickets to walk around the grounds and catch a few practice matches.  Such a steal!  
Saturday evening we had dinner with our neighbors and they asked us to bring a dessert.
So I settled on a summery angel food and berry trifle.
Easy enough, right?
Well it is until this happens
until your basset hound steals it off the table and eats the top half of it.
I caught him and he was straight up wagging his tail WHILE I was reprimanding him!
Brat! I tell you he is not an angel all the time.  And especially when he steals ANGEL food cake.  
I think someone needs to go spend some time at Grandmas house...


Jen said...

Oh Floyd...sounds like he and Abby could share some food stealing tricks with each other. We've been thinking of heading to Cincinnati for a day. Do you have any recommendations on the best places to go?

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Ahaha, since the quiche in the past week, Fletcher has eaten a Costco pizza (off the bar height counter! we have no idea how we did it), a box of cheerios and a bag of Pirates Bootie -- the last because the kids' left the pantry door open and he got in it while we were out to dinner). We think he has an eating problem.

Kait said...

I'm LOL-ing that Fletcher ate a Costco pizza and that F-man got some angel food cake! He is such a rascal! You are getting so good with that lens -- great pics!

Anne said...


Love your photos - though two more "I'm not in Cincinnati anymore" sadnesses... love both of those events. Fun weekend!