Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up : I've got the fever

Feb 22, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up : I've got the fever

Spring fever that is.  
This weekend was one for the record books.  
I know everyone is talking about the weather BUT holy bananas it was amazing.  
I am fully aware it's going to get cold again but I am basking in the goodness that was 75 degrees for as long as I can.

Friday night Mister and I had a delicious dinner with our neighbors.  I made a very yummy appetizer (if I do say so myself) and will post that recipe soon.  It was very quick and easy to whip up after work.

Saturday was just stellar.
I started the day with a run to bootcamp and a run home.  
Then the plan for the day was to do whatever Mister wanted to continue his birthday celebrations.  We headed straight to The Eagle.  We have been trying to eat at The Eagle for MONTHS.  I wish I was kidding but every time we go it's at least at 2 hour wait and we are always far too hungry for that.
Thankfully two seats opened up at the bar the moment we walked in.  
They are know for their fried chicken and it did not disappoint.  
The food lived up to its name and all of the hype we've heard about. 
TOTAL splurge meal and TOTALLY worth it 

We wandered around OTR for the afternoon and ended up at Taft's Ale House.  A bar in an old church, if you will.  
The interior is beautiful and very well done.  I was obsessed with all of the wallpaper they used.

I took Floyd on a long, long walk that afternoon.
He's working on building his warm weather stamina back up...
My plan for the weekend was also to get a longish run in on Sunday but because it was so nice on Saturday, I headed out for 5 more miles on Saturday.  I was so glad to have it done but also exhausted.

Sunday was our standard day.  Church, grocery, Aldi's, all that good stuff.  
I also spent far too much time working on a puzzle.  Go ahead and call me a huge dork...I am fully aware of it.


Kait said...

Floyd and stamina go together like...wait, never mind.. 😂😂😂

Anne said...

I LOVE puzzles! Haven't done one in forever because of little grabby hands around, but now I'm kind of craving it. Dork away!

Also, this makes me miss Cincinnati weather and restaurants even more... never got to The Eagle, but sounds amazing! Clearly time for a visit :)

Glad your weekend was fab!

Bri said...

That food looks amazing! Fun weekend! We've talked about stocking up on a few puzzles to enjoy on our down time too!

Erin LFF said...

It was seriously SO NICE Saturday, I couldn't get over it. I'm choosing to ignore the snowflake that is showing up on my forecast later this week! We love puzzles at our house- proud to be a dork ;)

Shelley said...

The Eagle! Austin and I were just talking about how much we miss OTR restaurants this weekend! I will say, normally we are told a ridiculous wait time for The Eagle also, but we've found out it's normally juts a bunch of people playing restaurant roulette and if you stay in the immediate vicinity, the hostesses do their best to make sure you're seated way quicker than the time frame they have to tell you ;)
And a run TO and FROM boot camp?! Dang, get it girl!

Sarah Tucker said...

Puzzles are SO addicting! And that menu makes this preggo's mouth water...