Total Basset Case: Bassets and Bow Ties

Oct 21, 2016

Bassets and Bow Ties

I was so excited for our friends shower that we had planned.
I had my dress picked out for weeks, I got a mani/pedi in a shade that matched said dress, I picked up these shoes and was just on cloud nine in anticipation for weeks.
We had friends coming from literally all over the states to celebrate and hang out for the weekend.
Not to mention, Alexis had been teasing me about the cuteness of the Bassets and Bow Ties shower for weeks.  For starters, could that be a more adorable theme?

Well I think most of us know what happened instead of me making an appearance but I am happy to report all the girls did not let the party go to waste.  Once it was clear that I was not going to make it there, I insisted everyone hang out, munch on the yummy food and have a good time. 

And that they did!
A special thanks to Hannah for taking such good photos for us!
 Get outta here with those cookies!!
 Along with being sweet and dropping all of our gifts at our house, the girls stocked our fridge with the leftover yumminess so we would have food when we were home from the hospital.
 Is that not the most beautiful crew of ladies?

We are so thankful for everyone that came by the shower and for the generous gifts!
I think it is the most beautiful shower that I've ever attended solely through photos.


Kait said...


JaxVollat said...

This looks like one amazing shower! What wonderful friends you have!

Erin LFF said...

What a PERFECTLY themed baby shower. Seriously, you have some awesome ladies in your life :)