Total Basset Case: One Week Home

Nov 4, 2016

One Week Home

If you are following along on Instagram you know by now that Little Mister is now HOME!
I think that event in itself deserves its own post so that is coming soon.   Plus an update on how Floyd is reacting ;)
For now, we are just excited to bask in the happiness that he has been HOME for a whole week.
While it's been crazy and slightly sleepless, it has been just downright great!   

While being home we have:
done LOTS of snuggling
celebrated Halloween
 tried to figure out Little Mister's schedule (he likes to switch it up every day to keep us on our toes)
went on a few walks
 snuggled some more
slept a little
went to our first doctors appointment
read some books
some of us napped
 tiny laundry
and lots of staring at his cute face

Happy Weekend! 


Unknown said...

Thankful for this update on life with little mister! Your little guy is absolutely precious!! Jeff and I are so thrilled for you both Sending hugs to you all .. and Floyd 'cause we know he is your first little boy! LOL!

Darby Hawley said...

He is so precious! Congratulations on bringing him home!!!!

Libby said...

He's so adorable! We're so happy for you all that he is home and healthy.