Total Basset Case: Snacking on the Go

Nov 8, 2016

Snacking on the Go

Now that Little Mister is here and home life has clearly taken quite the adjustment.  Thankfully that adjustment is super cute so it makes it all worth it.
Lately I have been so focused on what time it is, when Little Mister ate last, when he is due to eat again, when we need to leave to be at the doctor and the list goes on.  What does not usually factor into that list is when I have eaten.  Usually it is not recently and by the time I realize it I am 1. starving or 2. we need to leave the house and I don't have time to eat or 3.  Little Mister needs to eat and that takes all of my hands and attention. 
Over the weekend I managed to sneak to Kroger (by myself!) and besides weekly grocery needs, I was in search of easy snacks/quick meals that I could grab on the go.  (Even if that 'on the go' was between the kitchen and the nursery because I am always leaving something I need in the room I'm not in.)
While perusing Kroger I stumbled upon ProNourishTM and knew it was the answer to my hunger prayers.
 It checked all the boxes 1. quick 2. yummy 3.  easy to grab 4. perfect for my sensitive stomach

A major requirement for snacks and meals for me (even now so more than ever) is something that isn't going to upset my stomach.  I've talked before about my sugar allergy and stomach issues and keeping those at bay is a full time job.  I certainly do not have time to be down and out because I ate or drank the wrong thing.
 ProNourishTM has 15g of protein, 25 vitamins and minerals, no gluten and no high fructose corn syrup and no sugar name just a few of its benefits!
ProNourishTM is also the perfect option for anyone eating a low FODMAP diet.  

And lucky for you there's a $2 off coupon here to pick up ProNourishTM for yourself.  
I would choose the French Vanilla flavor if I were you!

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The Lady Okie said...

We have that same diaper bag. I love it!