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Feb 1, 2017

Currently : February

Oh February...the month of change in our house.  
Most notably back to work for me :( and a birthday to celebrate for Mister!

Here is what I am up to in February while I readjust to a work schedule:

Packing:  SO many bags now.  Purse, lunch box, pumping bag (post on that soon) and Little Mister's bag + bottles for daycare.  I am pretty sure getting all of that organized will take me a while to get down to a science.

Jonesing: Warm weather.  I need some sunshine and warmness in my life STAT.  

Texting:  Too much according to Mister but primarily cute pictures and videos of Little Mister to our friends and family.  My recent most favorite is
(one day I'll go back to posting photos other than Gman)

And group chats with friends will always top of list of of my favorite things.

Reading:  I am trying to finish up Truly Madly Guilty.  I have heard mixed reviews on this book so I am anxious to finish it up and see what I think.  I am about 85% through it and feel like it is dragging just a little but I know how she writes and am predicting some sort of twist coming up.  

Hearting:  Our little family and the sweet time I was able to have off with Little Mister.

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Kait said...

I love that photo of him! And I love, love, love our group chats! XO

Anne said...

Hope the return to work goes well! I know what you mean about packing all the things... It gets tiring, but you'll get it figured out :) And your friends and family would never think it's too much texting when they receive things like that. He's seriously too cute.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, your little one is too cute. Love that photo. I'd be sharing lots of photos of him too! I love when I get baby photos from my friends.


Unknown said...

Best of luck with heading back to work! That's a tough transition for sure!