Total Basset Case: 9 Months

Jun 26, 2017

9 Months

Last weekend we celebrated LM being 9 months old!!
9! How did that happen?

I feel like a lot happens each month but I really feel like the time between 8 and 9 months SO much has happened and SO many firsts.
More and more we are seeing LM's personality shine through.  He is definitely silly like his Papa and has the cutest gummy smile. 
In the past month LM's firsts have included: vacation, sitting up unassisted really well, saying 'dada' (and I think working on saying 'hey'), giving open mouth slobbery kisses, tooth!, swim lessons and swimming at the neighborhood pool, blowing raspberries, ear infection (that he never really showed any signs of!), sucking his thumb, going from sitting to on all fours (on the verge of thinking about crawling).

LM has also had some food adventures lately too! He's tried avocado, banana, frozen peaches, puffs and yogurt melts. He seems to love all purees and takes his afternoon one down like a champ.  We are working on getting more meals in him and introducing some more food all the time!

He loves to shove anything and everything in his mouth and is an expert grabber.  Especially when that involves precisely 3 strands of mamas hair. He's doing well playing with more toys, these are a personal new favorite (truthfully for everyone in our house).  And he's starting to get the hang out of this fun guy now that he can sit up so well!
(always on the move!)
We had our 9 month check up and the doctor said he looks great and is doing well developmentally for his adjusted age.  He weighed in at 18lbs 6.5oz and 27.5" long.  
 We are in mostly 6 month size clothes.  Mama has had to pick up some new jammies lately though because he is getting too long for all of his.  Don't fear the dino feet ones have been ordered in all sizes and these monkey's arrived and I am in love.

LM still doesn't really love the time of day between 9 and 9:30 but we are working through it.  Otherwise he is generally a very happy camper.  He lights up when his Papa walks in the room and thinks Floyd is so funny. 


Erin LFF said...

I cannot believe what a big boy he is!! Getting cuter by the day! :)

Anne said...

Ouch, little man... my uterus hurts after those adorable pictures. And introducing foods is so fun! Yay for avocado lovers :)

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