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Jun 7, 2017

Currently : June

Two posts this week, what!?
2+ hour naps from LM on the weekends are helping a mama out!

Here's what's going on in June land around our house

Planning : Some fun adventures to see some new things, friends and trips to the pool.

Wishing : that I could bottle up LM's giggles.  It's deep and throaty and makes my heart swell.  Most recently when Papa tickles the bottom of his feet we can really get some good belly chuckles out of him and it's the best.

Learning : about seasons of life.  I mentioned I read Grace, Not Perfection recently and I also just finished Present Over Perfect.  Both of woman/mom centered and both I would highly recommend.  Sometimes you need someone else to remind you 'you don't have to do it all' and 'life comes in waves and seasons'.  
Browsing : Not too much lately.  Clothing wise I snagged a few items (these shorts) from Old Navy on Memorial Day and these shoes from Target which are a MUST buy.  I could probably use one more swimsuit if anyone knows of some cute ones (always a debacle).  I did pick up one from American Eagle that is oh so cute!
I am browsing for a new book to read...any good suggestions?
I have also been browsing Third Love's site...anyone have one of these bras?  I've heard good things about them!

Going : Somehow our summer weekends aren't as full as they normally are, which I am okay with.  We have a few things marked down here and there but nothing too crazy.  I'm hoping we can get out and do some exploring around Cincinnati and possibly down to Lexington.

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Erin LFF said...

He is seriously SO CUTE!! We must make a playdate happen with everyone this summer at some point!

Anne said...

That little man cuteness is too much, and those baby laughs are pretty much the best thing ever (aside from long baby naps, ha!).

This Is How It Always Is was my most favorite recent read. And Every Wild Heart is a good light summer read...

Cara said...

My little girl is a touch younger than LM and so I'm going to put aside my jealousy and tell myself my girl will start to have long naps soon. But the giggles, oh those giggles, eh?

Unknown said...

Those shoes from Target are so cute! I especially love the rose gold. Are they comfortable too? And yes, yes, yes to embracing seasons of life. A co-worker of mine whose kids are both well into elementary school keeps telling me I need to have more videos because she wishes she had those from when her kids were small. I'm trying to be better about it - next best thing to being able to bottle up baby giggles I think! :)

Kait said...

Tori Praver for Target has the cutest suits and they are sort of athletic design-wise which might be perfect!