Total Basset Case: Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday! DIY Version

Feb 8, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday! DIY Version

I enjoyed doing this so much last week I thought I would join The Vintage Apple again!

This week I thought I would focus on fun DIY projects for the home that I've pinned.

Chalkboard Dinner Table- this is beyond fun!

Simple Organization- I would love to do this for Mister

And this one for me!

Knot Pillow- Could be fun in so many different colors

Backyard Scrabble. I  need this ASAP.

What have you been pinning this week?

Are you following me on Pinterest on yet?

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Amanda said...

I love that knot pillow!! And I'm about to find you on instagram!!

Shari said...

That organization for men is a fabulous idea. I may have to pin that one for sure. Us ladies have to keep the guys organized. :)

Jenny N said...

I've seen that knot pillow around! It's so cute.

Ashley {styleash} said...

I have an unhealthy obsession with pinterest. And that backyard scrabble is so fun!

Darby Hawley said...

I like that scarf holder thingy! I want one too lol

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

the chalkboard table looks too cute! mister def. needs some organization- we could use that too:) said...

Those are amazing ideas! Isn't Pinterest fabulous? Thanks for commenting about my job loss. That trip couldn't have come at a better time!

Alyssa said...

What a cool knot pillow! I've never seen that before!! Too cool!

Unknown said...

I love the organization rack for men. My husband has so many belts/hats/scarves!!

Oh and I have to say that I love the name of your blog! It is so cute. :)

Callie Lynch said...

Hi! Love your blog! Cute pins- I especially like the wall hooks for the scarf. Easy and useful!

Bennett Love

Haus of Style said...

the scrabble def. looks like fun!

My 2nd time linking up with you ladies for these pin ups! So fun =) Check out my pins if you have time, thanks!
Just Tututiny

pam {simple details} said...

That knot pillow is my favorite! And, how fun would that scrabble board be in your yard?! Thanks for the roundup, Sarah!