Total Basset Case: Updated Meal Planning

Jan 15, 2013

Updated Meal Planning

I mentioned last week that we have slightly updated and revamped our eating and meal plans to go along with our new work out schedule.
(see more about what we are doing now here.)

You guys may have noticed that a few months ago I stopped putting up our meal plans.
Well, that was around the time we started P90X2 and it took me awhile to adjust to the new eating and honestly, our meals weren't that exciting.
Now that we are in a much better groove with our meals and eating, dinner is more exciting.

On a daily basis we eat basically the same things but I jazz them up in different ways.
Here is a basic outline of what we've been eating throughout the day:
Breakfast: 1/3 cup egg whites and no bake energy balls (we are OBSESSED with these and I make at least one batch a week.)
 Morning Snack: 1/4 cup cranberry trail mix (from Kroger: Nuts, craisins, sunflower seeds and pecans)
Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwich on a thinwich, apple and carrots with hummus
Afternoon Snack: Another energy ball and sometimes 2 pieces of turkey bacon
Dinner: Some variation of chicken and rice/quinoa.  Or one of the meals listed below.

To keep dinner interesting I try to switch up what we are having so we don't get too bored and fall off track.  Mister to 100% content eating the same thing every day.  I am not and really enjoy to have different things to eat at least a few times a week.

Here are some of our dinner favorites and great resources:
Chicken (baked in the oven) with different rubs or sauces
Various Soups
Lots of rice and quinoa
Steamed/Roasted Veggies
 Santa Fe Chicken (crockpot)

I refer to Skinnytaste a lot for recipes, cookbooks I have (really love Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet) and, of course, Pinterest.
I am mainly on the hunt for high protein meals with a vegetable and low carbs.

I am hoping to get back in the groove of posting our monthly meal plans soon if you guys want to see them!
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or if you want to see more meal ideas/recipes that we have been winners for us. 

And I totally missed it but Total Basset Case's bloggity birthday was Saturday!
Happy 2 years to TBC!!
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I know everyone says it buuuut I could have never imagined how much blogging has changed my life, upped my DIY skills and photography interests, and brought such amazing, beautiful and talented women into my life.  I have met (in person and online) some of the most incredible ladies in the land.  These have become women that I am so thankful are in my life and happy to call some of my best friends.  Thank you for sticking with Floyd, Mister, myself and TBC these past two years.  We love love LOVE all of you and are so honored you come back day and day again to read what we have to say. 

Remember to send us your questions for a special vlog with Floyd and I!


Jen said...

I would love to see more meal plans and recipe ideas. I was actually going to start sharing our meal plans on the blog this week also :)

Can't wait to see Floyd's vlog!! Here are my questions for Floyd:

1. What are his favorite toys/treats?
2. Where is his favorite place to go visit?
3. If he could go anywhere, where would that be?
4. What does he want to be when he grows up?
5. Does he have a favorite famous dog or basset hound?

Katie said...

You guys are awesome with your eating healthy. You can definitely see your progress! You go girl. And second yay for 2 years! Your blog has grown so much for just the little you've been blogging. Brutus question for Floyd is his secret for staying so chill aka not crazy like me ;)

Joy said...

Happy Belated TWO years!!! I'm so thankful for the bloggy friendship (and that I get to drool over the cuteness of Floyd)!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! TWO YEARS!

Thank you for posting your menu ideas and resources. I have been in a dinner idea rut and struggling with finding healthier options.

Have a fantastic day!


Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

I would LOVE to see your dinner options and meal plans. I too get in a rut. Or I make a plan but don't follow through bc I'm not excited about it!

Happy Belated Birthday TBC :) So glad I read you these days!

Sarah Tucker said...

This is EXACTLY the post I needed. I have been in search of healthy, and easy, meals for Chris and I and now I am just going to bookmark this page and jump on the wagon! And happy 2 years!!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

I love stuffed peppers and want to try the zucchini boat...looks yummy!! Happy 2 years!!

henning love said...

one of sean and i's favorite meals is the santa fe crock pot meal, easy to prepare, lots of leftovers and you can use the chicken for burritos or tacos the next day! congrats on your 2 year blog-iversary!!

a sip of fashion baby said...

so sweet blog !!!!

Courtney said...

All those recipes are making me so hungry!! Yum:) Happy Bloggity B-day!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!! Cute title & you seem super great! Now following you via e-mail:)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Wow, I wish I could be as dedicated as you are on eating healthier - I'm trying to be better but am stumbling!

k said...

i'm going to check out those energy balls, i could use those! happy new year!

Lauren said...

I totally made those zucchini boats last night! I would've instagram-tagged you, but they were NOT pretty. Completely and totally DELISH, I loved them, but not photo-worthy. Bummers.

Erin said...

Congrats on 2 years of blogging girl!! I'm so happy I found your blog and ONE of these days we'll meet up at a Cincinnati outting ;)

We are trying to do lots of healthier meals and def sticking to no carbs. Zucchini boats are one of our fave things to make!!