Total Basset Case: Half Way Point, 2015

Jun 18, 2015

Half Way Point, 2015

I may be the one millionth person to say this but can we even believe it is already the middle of June?!
But it is what it is and it is a good time to check in our 2015 list.
We've put some dents in the list for it being June but we have a ways to go.
We have some plans on the horizon so hopefully by the end of the year we will be almost complete!

Of note that have been crossed off...
4. I have been diligent about painting my nails more and splurging on manicures every now and again.  To me it is a little frivolous but it does make me feel better so occasionally it is a nice treat.
9.  Our raised vegetable garden is in full force! Update on that soon!
11.  Kitchen accent wall has been painted!  And we love it! 
14.  Mister tackled the trim one weekend while I was gone, check!
17.  Floyd and I made blankets and sent them to the basset rescue.
18.  10,000 push ups were 100% completed!

And the ones on the immediate or always working on horizon...
5.  I've read 7 books so far.  Have one going in the car and a couple on the Fire.  15 should be easy to do.
7.  I've been keeping an eye on Dot & Bo and West Elm for a good lighting sale to pick up some pendants.  
10.  Turns out photos albums aren't the easiest things to find.  I need Amazon to step it up.
12.  The 50mm lens has been getting used more and more and it is going pretty well.
13.  I have run a little over 100 miles so far this year.  A vast difference from last year...thank you IT band. I am just happy to be running again in any form.
16. I am still crossing my fingers we can foster a basset...I stalk the OBHR site quite often ;)

So things are coming along but I am also trying to keep in mind my overall goal of resting and relaxing.  I have been doing my best to be more conscious of that, every single day!  But I sure do love crossing things off the list! 


Flannery said...

Way to go! I'm doing a challenge at my gym and actually calculated which day is exactly halfway through the year so I can do a midway review of progress. (Nerd alert... 365/2= 182.5) So halfway is actually July 1-2, so you've got a couple of weeks to continue crushing your list. :)

Bri said...

Awesome progress on the list! Painting my nails more is definitely on my personal goal list....the husband may need to help with my right hand though haha

Sarah Tucker said...

I can't believe the year is half way over! Time is flying. Your list is getting whittled down, and those pictures are so good!

Erin LFF said...

You're doing great girl! Can't wait to see you cross all of them off this year. Your pictures with your 50mm are really pretty :)

Kait said...

I'm with @dmhanso -- a trip to Hawaii should be on there! Plus, new toilets seem lame in comparison ;)

Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

I think fostering a basset sounds like so much fun! I have been dying to foster a dog of some sort, but the husband says no at this time. Maybe one day! :)

Jen said...

Good job on your goals! I can't wait to hear how your garden is doing. I need to get an update on ours hopefully soon! Things are really starting to take off with all of this rain. And how fun you might foster a basset. Of course is Floyd ready for that?? :)