Total Basset Case: SPD: Valentines Craft Edition

Jan 10, 2013

SPD: Valentines Craft Edition

One of the goals on my 2013 list is to create and keep track of monthly blog goals.
One of those goals for each month is to create more holiday projects/decor (from Pinterest) for our house and blog about them (of course).
It always seems like a week before an impeding holiday I try to whip up a craft and do not get to enjoy them for very long. 
I am going to try to change that this year.
So in an effort of looking ahead and motivating myself to get some DIYing done, I have picked out a Valentine's Day crafts I want to do.
I really love Valentines Day (pun intended) and can't wait to start decorating for it!

So I'm cheating a little today and calling this 'Saw It Pinned It Going to do It'

X and O felt garland. I'm thinking this could be cute over our frames, similar to the fall one I made.

I think the stud muffin in my life needs one of these in his lunch

(heart shaped) strawberry oreo cookies

Our house is about to get all sorts of love DIY'ed.

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Turns out Floyd isn't the only basset out there that helps with personal training.
Check out this awesome basset. Floyd needs to step up his game.


Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Gotta weigh in on this one. That xoxo garland is adorable and I totally will be making it!! The stud muffin is pretty hilarious too ;)

Brooke said...

Valentine's Day is my very favorite! These are all too cute!

Unknown said...

Cute idea with the valentine decor! I am having monthly goals as well.. in the form of fitness!

Helene said...

love these ideas! especially the stud muffin, i need to make those

Kait said...

I want to do those scratch offs! I that's so fun!

Courtney said...

This all looks SO fun!

Erin said...

Love these ideas- especially the stud muffin! I've been looking for cute ideas for Jared for Vday and almost everything is candy/sweets related, and we're trying to stay away from those! I'm gonna make healthy muffins now- thanks! :)

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Good job! My favorites are the scratch off card and the wreath! I need to make a new wreath for my door soon and this one looks great! :)

Jen said...

I love that Valentine's wreath, and may have to steal that pin...ha!

And OMG, that Basset training video is hilarious!! I had to pass that one around the office and we watched it a few times. Thanks for sharing!!

Joy said...

That stud muffin is awesome! Gonna have to make some labels and give them to my husband!!

Joy said...

That stud muffin is awesome! Gonna have to make some labels and give them to my husband!!

Joy said...

That stud muffin is awesome! Gonna have to make some labels and give them to my husband!!

Anne said...

Good idea to get on this stuff... I've had the scratch-off cards bookmarked forever. Maybe this will be the year?! :)

Emily said...

I LOVE those scratch off valentines, what a fun idea!!

Stephanie said...

The scratch offs are so cute! Beau made me some of those one year. I won a massage...woo wooooo ;)

Thanks for linking up with us love!! xoxo