Total Basset Case: 2015 List : Recap

Jan 5, 2016

2015 List : Recap

You guys know I love our yearly goals lists and this year was no different.  
And not to toot our own horn this year but we did quite well.
On our 2015 goals list, we were able to complete 17/22 items...with my math skills that is 77%. 
As always there are a few items that we didn't get to and those are being transferred to this years list (which is coming later this week) but for the most part, we did well!

My over arching goal of the year was to rest and relax.  I am going to be myself a 68% on that.  I definitely made a more conscious effort to rest and relax more often but I know I could have done an even better job.  That is certainly one item that is being carried over to this years list.

As far as the rest of the list...
#4 Paint nails more : check! 
#5 Read 15 books : This one should get bonus points, between book tapes and physical/Kindle books, I read 30 books.
#7 New dining and kitchen lights : This one was conveniently coupled into the kitchen renovation and I am in love with them
#8 New dining table and chairs : check and check on this one.  And I showed you how I stained our table here.  
#9 Raised vegetable garden : I loved this one and we will be doing this again.  We had lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and lots of herbs! 
#10 Photo album of trips : I just wrapped this up the other day.  I love having photos printed and now they are all in one place.
#11 Paint kitchen accent wall : I did that here...and then Mister repainted it once the new cabinets 
were in...
#12 and #13 get half points :  I can use the 50mm lens better than last year and I did run quite a few miles (even more so in the latter part of the year).  
#15 Floyd allergies : While we still do not know exactly what Floyd is allergic to, his allergies are marginally better and we have medicine that works really well so that's a win for me. 
#18 10,000 push ups : I completed this and was incredibly proud of myself.  Not to mention my arms looked awesome ;)
#21 Kitchen : When we started last year we had sorta, kinda, maybe talked about doing our kitchen.  Fast forward to the summer and we were all in full force.  You can catch up with all of the kitchen here...before, during and after
#22 Total Basset Case business cards : This has been on my list for YEARS.  Thanks to Alexis for helping me cross this one off ;)

Other highlights include : NOT seeing Taylor Swift and then actually seeing her (which I just realized I never actually blogged about) and saying Bon Voyage to Marge (who is still rocking at life) and Friendsgiving.  
Travels included : Indianapolis a few times, DallasBoston, Charlotte, Chicago and Southern Illinois.  


Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

10,000 pushups?! You're amazing!

Jen said...

Great job on your goals! I love your lists each year so you've inspired me to try it this year.

Kait said...

You had a killer year! I hope that 2016 is filled with lots of visits to each other :)

Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

You accomplished a lot in 2015! I love going back and looking at all the things I got to mark off my 2015 list!